Amp Shields Need a TOTAL Redesign In This Game!

Pardon the vernacular, but amp shields just plain suck in this game.

An absolutely pitiful amount of amp damage with a drastic penalty involved.

Hell, I would settle for continuous amp damage applied till the shield was drained.

That would at least add to the concept of glass cannon and make the shield interesting and useful in some circumstances.

As they are now they are just totally worthless and the small amount of amp damage doesn’t even help in a one shot sniper attempt.


It doesn’t seem like they changed the mechanics of amp shield too much in this game. The numbers may be smaller on account of the scaling, but otherwise they seem the same.

May I ask what rarity your shield is? Because I found a shield today that does 2X the amp drain in damage like most purple amp shields seem to. For the most part, only bad blues should really have a stiff amp to amp drain ratio.

I am inclined to disagree. The amp shields have received improved recharge delays overall compared to what they had in BL2. Secondly, the Bee shield from BL2 was broken. The amp damage was so high that it became a crutch for many builds. A lot of gear in the game balances benefits with a cost. I have seen some talk about a legendary amp shield that could function similarly to what you suggested, but a shield that works like the Bee could cripple the diversity of the builds in TPS.

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I’m not calling for the Bee…

I am calling for something actually useful and a good addition to the game

Something like 4X the amount of Amp Damage the current shields give…which would instantly drain the shield which might then proc skills that rely on drained shields to proc.

A 24K amp shot will NOT break the game and makes it a nice bonus to consider for the tradeoff of losing your shield.

Another option could be continuous amp damage and drain applied UNTIL shield is drained.

6k of amp damage is less than ONE shotgun pellet at Level 60 on most multi pellet shotguns.

The damage is just pitiful IMHO.

I like the first option better, that would be fun. The 2nd I could get down with, but I like the unique flavor of the full shield drain.

Jack just became really good with them with the winning patch

That’s what I felt a legendary Amp shield could be. Instead of the bee.

And a legendary Amp shield combined with a ROID shield.

My Nisha would love that…

This is the biggest improvement if you ask me. And with so many of the characters having great shield skills, you can easily minimize delay even further. So they become a more functional shield. Not, “I got hit, now I have to run and hide behind cover for 5 seconds while my shield recharges.”

Roid shields have about twice the damage as a comparable Amp but they are also taking more risks while a player with an Amp shield and an aggro draw like Jack or Wilhelm can sit back and pick off enemies at their leisure.

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OK…I hear all of you but beside Jack and Winning…and "maybe’ I use one in a Wilhelm sniper build just to add every bit of punch I can if I am trying for OSOK…
and if I am using cover
and if I am sitting a long way back out of the fray
(a lot of ifs…LOL)

The shield…regardless of the delay…

really adds nothing to my firepower…and is a below average at best defensive shield

6-7 K Amp Damage at Level 60…pft…I sneer at that 6-7 K

And even with a great delay and recharge…I will only get that additional 6-7K of damage all of around every 3-5 seconds in an ideal scenario…

I can get WAY better results with a multi-pellet shotgun version that gives me a prefix with a couple extra pellets…like the “Casual” or “Gentle” prefix

They just are…BAD…when they could be a decent option…IMHO

IMO they should’ve added a percent of the base gun’s damage and not a flat rate, only real problem would be balancing it since 5% on an AR isn’t quite as much as 5% on a Rocket Launcher. Maybe make those that add higher percent drain almost 50% of the shield?
Just a random idea that popped into my head so it could be good, bad or awesome.

Okay great idea here! :bulb:

Keep the shields like they are but make the amp damage… elemental!

And make amp damage reliant on the maliwan elemental immunity parts of the shields? Not that I am complaining, nonelemental amp damage would be alright too. Makes elemental amp shields more rare. Even better would be if nonelemental amp damage was explosive damage (as it is with launchers, “nonelemental” is explosive damage) - amp on cryo guns would be able to dish out some nice, semi-constant damage spikes. That would negate the amp damage being “too low” as well. What do you think?

Were they any better in bl2? Other than the bee I don’t recall anyone really using them at all.

Do we just need a new red text one that isn’t the bee?

They were terrible in borderlands two as well. And yes we absolutely could just use ia red text version and no B. With some of the effects mentioned above.

Even a blue unique that had a great red text capability would be a total hit.

Don’t forget that Amp shields were designed with Snipers in mind, and it shows in the damage equation.

(Please @Derch, correct what comes next if need be)
Basically, the amp damage is added to the base damage somewhere BEFORE crits and elements are considered in the equation, so that extra damage may not look like a big deal, but with a decent sniper rifle (so, at least +100% type A crit bonus) and a matched element, that amp bonus multiplies by 8 (at least) on a successful crit.

Try it on a Fire Longnail (it’s weakness being low base damage) and you will see the difference.

Or try it on a Jakobs, since they get more crit bonus.

This was the only way I used them in BL2…

But even then…I just thought they added no real punch.

So you are saying they might actually be a decant option on the Baroness??

Don’t know, I didn’t really analyzed her skills much.
But for Sniper gameplay, it should do a lot more of a difference.

I know that Athena and Jack can get a lot out of them though.

If your shield is useless, you’re not using it correctly. For any amp shield, just stack as many ways to reduce shield recharge delay as possible. It can get pretty ridiculous.

Wilhelm, I don’t think many people even think of him as a capable sniper.

Get an amp shield, get a Jackobs sniper rifle. Get a duality oz kit with shield benefits (though that only seems to help if in an atmosphere). Get a class mod that boosts team shield recharge delay and rate (I think it’s a mech). Then throw some points in to Heatsinks and Energize to help the shields, and targetting scope because sniping.