An Amara 4th skilltree

whether there will ever be 4th skill trees or not
creating is currently more fun than playing


i really like the direction of your idea. i have taken the liberty to iterate on your idea and also added my thought process why i changed stuff.

my thoughts:

  • phase shield was too close to zanes shield. so i reduces the duration and added a channel-absorb-release mechanic. with this you could use phase shield also as a short dodge (with cooldown refund).
    with the hovering you can extend jumps and initiate slams. you also have to think about when to use it because you can move, but not shoot while channeling.

  • i do not think amara needs this extensive amount of damage reduction in one tree

  • i really liked the sacred techniques. but it was counter synergistic to melee.
    so i changed it to a kind of hit combo. together with shattered dreams you can debuff enemies (also for non melee close range builds), break your shield for nova and melee shields and regain it in a combo.

  • Cooldown did not synergize well with self doting builds, so i did go for longer but safer self dots with the changes to unbreakable and unstoppable (also good synergy with driver and anima)

  • i also removed action skill damage from all the melee buffs and added one melee buff deep in the tree, so you could have a non-elemental melee build and not always feel the need to take illuminated fist (but you still can of course)

  • i did not feel the frenzy capstone was fitting the theme of the rest of the tree. but i really liked the idea of buffing slams. my alternative is maybe a little bit weak, but that could be adjusted. maybe with some more utility. it should not have the same role than phase slam.

  • i added some all around damage buffs that are not pure gun damage, because this should be a kind of debuff/buff hybrid tree where you could use melee and slam not only for damage but also for utility

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i generally dont think that a skilltree has to be designed to fit a certain meta build
but i still like your changes :slight_smile:

about the phase shield, its true that its pretty similar to barrier but with the absorb and release mechanic, its very similar to athena’s shield :stuck_out_tongue:

but i think it would be a good and fun mechanic to make it a hold and stop when ever you have something to block
that would make the gameplay more mechanic and reaction based :smiley:
so instead of a cooldown you have a bar that slowly refills and whenever you have energy, you can hold down to activate the shield and it drains energy

Oh my god if they ever give her the ability to self proc cryo or radiation it’s over with! :drooling_face:


i think that cryo should have been a thing for her from the beginning
she is supposed to be the melee character
its also a rather “natural” element

I agree I would’ve traded cryo for corrosive all day

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well, i understand they gave her the kinda “original trinity”

If we stuck with no more level caps I’d really just want to get down to the cryo on your tree but I’m not fancying the melee stuff/ damage reduction on the first level, the snow tiger on the other guys tree would be perfect to get right where I want.

Now assuming this happened with yours but we had more skills points then it wouldn’t matter. Either way they both look good

im just going that route because…she was kinda introduced as the melee, buff, character and she isnt it so much
i am not a melee player myself in borderlands because of the lack of itemization etc.
but if people wanna play a melee character, it should be a real melee character
she already got 2 full trees of gun and action skill damage

I’m not saying not have it just put most of it on the next rows and continueinf down so if someone just wanted to get the element they could pick a skill that gives some type of damage/efficiency/status effect stuff to get to cryo while not sacrificing any damage output

yea, im aware of the “way down”
i tried to sprinkle in some “generic” stuff so you dont have to skill into melee skills when you want to reach any destination in that tree
but i didnt actually did the math with it
you could go with 5/5 bold tiger to start with
its not a useless skill for any build, considering that in most endgame you are crowded with enemies around you
everyone needs defense in that game :smiley:

True considering my okaystyle I’d run I gotta in the middle I could probably use it :joy:

but now that i looked into it
its really a LOT of defensive skills xD
i think that it should probably get some more party/support skills

Something suxh as when she applies a status effect all members gain a elemental bonus damage or bonus status effect damage would fit in nicely with her character


yeah i agree it does not has to be designed for a certain meta. hopefully a new tree will come with its own class mods. but thinking about synergys with thing already there is always good :slight_smile:

and yes i likes athenas shield a lot in TPS :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: but i was more thinking about the original absorb skill from nyx in warframe. floating in meditative pose inside the ball and charge some enegery. or the backlash skill from mass effect andromeda for karma.

i would really like to have some more reactive stuff in borderlands. at the moment i think the only things you can really kind of react with are thrown zane shield with schock augment to interrupt, phasegrasp and maybe hopping in and out of iron bear as an oh ■■■■ button. sometimes it is really frustrating that you know a insta-kill charge or something will come, but you can not do anything about it besides killing faster. this is no darksouls. i get it. but seeing enemies dodge your stuff always triggers me.^^

i also always thought bl3 was lacking in active and visible group support/synergy skills. i am an fan of TPS in that regard, but it could even be turned up a notch. something like use your action skill on other players to gain x or combine your action skills to gain y. nothing too complex, but something active and visible.

cryo on amara would really be hilarious. just thinking about a cryo TTB with facepuncher (a gun that should not exist. i am fully for hybrid gameplay, but this thing ist just better than melee in every aspect. i would assume melee players want to melee not to shoot all the time. enough guns there already) but then: hey thats borderlands. going for hilarious over balance is kind of the theme. they just have to make sure to have enough diversity in builds.

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Honestly I want skills for radiation and cryo action skill elements! I’m all about them rads baby! Give me a red suit and a powerful radiation splash damage weapon and I’m in love!