An apology and a shout out to people who contacted me

Hello there!

While the forum has been pretty chill (I don’t know if the moderators got involved), I have received a lot of angry messages from PSN players who read my messages in this forum.

I was called arrogant, noob, stupid, annoying, please-stay-away-from-me and more.

Maybe it was true.

But please, stop making me feel like I’ve been put into a ghetto. I apologize for my arrogance.

I’m gonna try to act polite from now on, because I realize I’ve been aggressive!

My apologies again, guys.


Now you may enjoy Deande with an open and respectful mind. Have fun my friend. May you find great fun with her.


I was not really talking about Deande. I never play her. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m gonna keep trying El Dragon until I stop feeding with him.


I trust that someday you’ll be a master of El Dragon.

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I wish!


Who needs real arms when you have GIANT ROBOT ONES!


But it’s those giant robot arms’ fault if I feed! El Dragon said so!

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Maybe you need bigger robot arms!


That’s all that some of us were trying to say, my man. With the community as small as it is, most of us are very respectful of one another both here on the forums AS WELL as PSN. There are a few toxic individuals who persist in being unpleasant, and we make them pay for it…

I am happy to see that you won’t be numbered among them. :slight_smile:


Apology accepted, and I apologise too because I got a little defensive around Deande. :stuck_out_tongue:

I can only hope you get better with El Dragón.

You don’t know what you’re missing. :wink:


One tip, build your gear around regen and it might make it easier to avoid feeding.

If I play regen dragon I can do decently, without it I get nuked quite often, and the most dedicated dragon player I’ve played with(@lucasatlive) also was running regen

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Were they pming you here, or elsewhere?


On PSN, from what i gather, having myself been related to it. I think @lunsei will attest that i was mostly polite though…


I love regen. It’s best when you’re solo que which I often am.

When Playing with a dedicated healer on the team however, I will skip it entirely :grin:


If you consider “I’m not going to play with you because I think you’re a horrible person. Also, bye” to be a polite answer… :stuck_out_tongue:

Being mean isn’t always about using insults. You can be very very mean while being polite.

On the psn network. It pretty much verged on harassment.

POLITE harassment, mind you. Never insults. Just a very thin-veiled “hey I just wanted to let you know you’re bad” thing.

As HandsomeCam pointed out, there’s a mob mentality here ready to harass players they decided they do not like.

I’m not playing the victim because I guess I might have deserved it. But I say two wrongs do not make a right.

I think there may have been a miscommunication…

All of this on the tail end of some helpful advice i was trying to give you:

Plesse do not slander me in the future. At no point did i say you are a horrible person; i said that the disrespectful and insulting people in the PS4 community get jumped when on the other team, and tried to persuade you to not go down that path. Even in MY match against you, you walked into my attacks more than i actively engaged you, and did i taunt even once? No. Instead i messaged you some advice on El Dragon. That seems polite and benevolent to ME…


I recommend to switch this conversation into a PM please.

Personal disputes or discussions should be kept private.