An application has requested more GPU memory than is available in the system

I crash every time I try to play HW:RM with this error:

An application has requested more GPU memory than is
available in the system.
The application will now be closed.

The only other fix I have seen are people with a physical GPU and an integrated GPU. Since I only have a physical card for my GPU, this fix does not apply and does not work for me. This is very frustrating as it makes the game completely unplayable for me.

I AM running the Windows 10 technical preview, so that may be part of the issue. However, I feel like there should be some fix for this out there somewhere.


Windows 10 Technical Preview
Nvidia GTX 770
Intel Core i7-4930

Any ideas or assistance would be greatly appreciated!

Does it seem to matter what Texture quality you set - or this happens before you get to any menus, etc?

I lowered the texture size limit down to 512 and I was actually able to load a map for Multiplayer and play until the host lost connection. Prior to lowering it, it would crash during the loading screen prior to loading the level.

Previously I was having issues with this during single player and I had lowered this from 4096 to 2048. I was able to play a single player mission this way. However, he problem still happens eventually at the 2048 level. I am usually able to finish a mission, but then as soon as it goes to load the next mission it crashes with the same error. I have not tried a single player mission since lowering it to 512, so this may have fixed the problem or it may have just postponed it. I am unsure. I have also dinked around with Nvidia Control panel and the program settings but that doesn’t seemed to have effected things one way or the other so far as I can tell.

At least now I am able to play before crashing. Still frustrating, but better than not being able to play at all as was previously the case. I suspect that there is probably some code somewhere that doesn’t like Windows 8 Nvidia drivers on Windows 10. In which case, the ultimate fix is Nvidia/Gearbox/Microsoft fixing whatever the root cause is to make things compatible with Windows 8/10. In any case, I’d be curious to know if anyone else is running Windows 10 and experiencing a similar issue.

How much RAM does that card have? I’m surprised you have to drop it all the way down to 512 - and you can do a more ‘gentle’ version by using the other Texture control (high->low) instead of the hard size limiter…

It’s a 2 gig card. Definitely not a hardware issue.