An encouraging message to everyone out there

Hi there. My name is High Lord Bunny, and I’m here with a very important message.

Some of you may know me from other threads. I’ve been here and there, pc and PS4, Oscar Mike to Rath, and now I’m here to share some wisdom for all the new and returning players.

Losing sucks hard. Like, really hard. I hate it. I just lost like 5 matches in like 30 minutes. Literally lost a Meltdown Finale in 4. That blew. I felt sad. My girlfriend is still ranting at me about how not cool it was. I’m pretty sure one of the guys was a Twitch streamer, and now lots of people on the internet know how bad I am at Kleese.

But I’m ok with this.

But why? I clearly suck, so what useful thing could I give you?

It’s the mindset. If vidya gaems have ever taught me anything, it’s that impossible challenges either mean your going the right way but just aren’t ready, or you’re doing something really wrong. They teach me that I don’t lose when I die, I lose when I give up. It’s a loss, and losing just sucks. But Battleborn isn’t a job application, or a X-thousand dollar tech pitch, or a marriage proposal. It’s a vidya gaem, and I’m not going to lose to a goddam vidya gaem.

So, my advice for everyone?

Dont’ get mad.

Get even.


And learn the new meltdown basics.

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Well… We all know where I’m going here.

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I like to think it’s more of pet zebra than a marriage. Sometimes you feed it. Sometimes you don’t. Sometimes it accidentally gets hit by a car driven by the sudoku club. And maybe it’s arms fall off too. But in the end it’s still there, and it’s still fun I one way or another.

I don’t think anyone else will get that analogy. 10/10 I rate that analogy.




Goddammit I love you people.


Confused by this spelling. But it makes me laugh. :slight_smile:


Vengeance solves everything.

I’m glad there are people like me out there.

Well, no… I can confirm that vengeance doesn’t solve EVERYTHING (long story short, my knife cut me while doing drunken flip tricks with it, i took vengeance on it, and now i type posts with a hook).

However, vengeance DOES solve most, if not ALL, PVP game-related grievances.

How exactly do you get vengeance for your character getting maimed by gbx?

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