An Idea for a Character (Darcio)

I know that this may not get in the game but it could be an interesting character design.


  • FACTION: Rouge

  • TYPE: Defender


  • Pusher

  • BACKSTORY: Once a scientist for the LLC. Darcio became corrupted after a verelsi attack and a little insane after ISIC destroyed the last of his notes. He now fights with the rouges with both tech and shadow power for the battle of the last star.

  • PASSIVE (SHADOW VALE): Every time Darcio gets a kill, Shadow vale activates for 5 Seconds and takes 10% reduce damage while Shadow vale is active.

  • PRIMARY ATTACK (DARK FORCE): After being corrupted from the verelsi, Darcio can now use shadow powers to fight and enhanced by an energy disruptive glove, designed by Reyna and created by Kleese, to maximize the amount of power he can output. Casts a semi-constant ray of darkness at close range doing 32 dps. 45 rounds per fuel cell.

  • ALTERNATIVE ATTACK (DREKON): Darcio does not come into battle with only shadow powers he comes prepared with Drekon, an heavily modified shield that protects him and stretches a little longways to keep allies from being damaged. Even though he is insane, Darcio will still care for his allies. 1500 hp.

  • SKILL ONE (SHADOW TURRET): Creates a small turret out of shadow that can be placed on walls and other sufaces but lasted for 45 seconds and does 32 dps and has 275 hp. Only two out at a time.

  • SKILL TWO (IONIC DISCHARGE): Anyone in front of Darcio in a short range cone area will take 45 dps for 1 second but will be stun lock for 1.5 seconds.

  • ULTIMATE (DARK ERUPTION): Darcio is enveloped in darkness and pulses dark energy that deals a total of 600 dps in 6 seconds and changes the shadow turrets that are present to fire a lot faster for 12 seconds. Darcio and his turret also silences enemies (3.5 seconds for Darcio and 1.25 for the turrets).



  1. Concrete Shadow - SHADOW TURRETS now gets 75 extra HP.
  2. Non-Concealing Darkness - Primary attack now reviles enemies when hit with it.
  3. Further Experimentation - When Drekon is broken, it will explode dealing the amount of damage that it took within a 10 second period.
  4. Silent Shock - IONIC DISCHARGE stun ability is replaced with a silence for 3 seconds and blindness for 2 seconds.
  5. Eternal My Darkness - SHADOW VALE now gives an extra +20% of damage reduction plus a small area of effect that if allies go near Darcio will receive an +15% damage reduction for five seconds.
  6. Despair Grounds - SHADOW TURRET now creates a field around the turret that deal 14 DPS
  7. Oblivion - PRIMARY ATTACK affective range is doubled. +100% range.
  8. Shadow enforced - Drekon is given a +750 HP bonus. +50% Damage absorption.
  9. A Bloody Shock - IONIC DISCHARGE now makes the enemy bleed for 6 seconds dealing 20 DPS.
  10. Black as night - DARK ERUPTION pulls in enemies towards Darcio. teammates also receives a +25% damage increase while active.


  1. Shocking Experience - IONIC DISCHARGE now adds a shock effect dealing 18 DPS for 4 seconds
  2. Spread of Darkness - PRIMARY ATTACK now attacks and holds more rounds. +20% attack speed and +15 rounds.
  3. Energy Shield - Drekon now gives a +20% cool-down speed to allies behind Darcio.
  4. With the Help of Science - +1 SHADOW TURRETS that can be deployed.
  5. The Vale of Speed - SHADOW VALE now gives Darcio and other allies around him a +20% speed Boost while it’s active.
  6. Effective Turrets - SHADOW TURRETS now has a faster firing rate doubling the amount of DPS.
  7. The Added Chemical - PRIMARY ATTACK’s last 15 rounds will do increase damage when enemies are affected by IONIC DISCHARGE. +30% damage
  8. Facing Advancement - Drekon’s area of protection and effect is now enlarged. +50% diameter
  9. Instant Shield - IONIC DISCHARGE now effects allies and gives both Darcio and allies affected by it +125 shield when it is used.
  10. The Definition of Insane Sanity - DARK ERUPTION now heals allies for a total of 560 hp.


  1. With Sustainment - Turrets last for 30 more seconds.
  2. Nothing like no other - Dark force will now drop the used fuel cell once reloaded and said fuel sell will explode on impact. (the more ammo in the cell the more damage it will do)
  3. Vale of cool-down - While shadow vale is active, Darcio is granted with -15% cool-down to abilities while teammates receive -10% cool-down to abilities
  4. Shadow Blast - Shadow turrets now fire a pulse of darkness that deals 103 - 125 damage per blast but fires one pulse per 4.5 seconds.
  5. Two Sides of a Coin - While Dark eruption is active, Darcio and his teammates receive an +25% speed increase and a +15% attack and reload increase during Dark Eruption