An idea for arms race with our character's skills-ALL of their skills (eventually)

What if, and only IN arms race, after accruing “levels” specific to arms race, we could go “full fl4k” or “full amara” or any VH…what if the first four (only?) unlocks were the four different action skills per character? You get all four! (And in Zane’s case, you also retain grenades.) These “levels” would be separate from xp levels 1-65/guardian ranks/cash/eridium/etc. they’d be their own thing.

I don’t know how that would work buttonwise for consoles and keyboards, but if, after, say 10 “levels” whatever levels means in this mode… you got to do all four action skills with quick buttons…so you could really get in to the feel of each character…but only after having earned the feel of it being “no” character (i.e. they are all the same).

e.g. lvl 0-9 is standard arms race. lvl 10-19 is you get grenades plus a skill. lvl 20-29 grenades plus 2 skills… and so on up to all at lvl 50 where you have 5 buttons that do nades as normal and 4 action skills, each on their own cooldown.

I realize I’m introducing power increase of a certain kind.

What if there were (eventually) harder maps for Arms Race and you could select a map?

Keep the gear available on map 1, but rare, and make it easier to attain (higher % drop) as you build levels and are able to play map 2-5.

Finally, create a difficulty slider at max level to play any map (a favorite map or just to mix it up) at max difficulty for max reward or something lower if one chose.