An idea for DLC missions...Faction ONLY

I was watching some campaign footage and I thought of a good idea.

First off, I’m not sure how they will handle the timeline of the DLC missions, because it’s pretty clear we’re going up against Rendain in the final mission.

SOOOO here’s my idea. How about a prequel mission that’s about one of the factions, to the point where you can ONLY play as one (or all) of the 5 in that faction, since it directly involves them.
I’m personally most interested in the Eldrid. I’d LOVVVEEE to see a prequel level for the Eldrid on Ekkunar, revolving around some threat they have to tackle there besides the Varelsi that takes place a few years before the main story. They could even throw in a special cutscene at the beginning, middle, and end to flesh out the story more. The Eldrid are my favorite faction, and I’d love to find out more about them and the other factions.

Great idea, no??? :sunglasses:


This would be very cool. I’d love to see the Jennerrit rebelling or the rogues forming, which in my mind is very guardians of the galaxy. Though groot would be an eldrid.

I too would very much love a close-up focus on the individual factions’ and their characters and also think this would be an excellent concept for achieving that.

This would be amazing an…


A prequel for every faction would be so cool. I love the story in this game, and I hope to learn as much about it as possible. And the lore challenges have actually let me down a bit. Not the challenges themselves, but the information you learn. It’s just not enough.

While I can see the appeal, I don’t think that creating content that only 1 in 5 characters can experience is the best use of resources. I don’t see why they couldn’t explore the factions without being so restrictive.

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What do you mean? I’m not saying it’s ONLY a single player mission. I’m saying if you have a party of 5, they all have to be Eldrid.

Right, so only 1 in 5 characters can play the content. I don’t think that’s wise. Suppose you have a player that doesn’t like any of the Eldrid. They just ignore that content? Exploring the factions would be great, but not by locking which characters can play it.

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Just to say, didn’t you look at the colour for each mission part of the season pass? They’re each of a factio ncolour. So that’s pretty much what is going to happen ImO.
I don’t think you’ll only be able to play as one character of that faction though. But it will probably be about a specific faction each time.

Very true. Maybe let any characters play the mission but for example give all eldrid teams that complete it loot packs or something. I’d like to see some incentive for using a single faction team. Even in pvp. Maybe an all eldrid faction gets extra health Regen. All rogue teams get movement speed or shard generation. Why have these distinct factions otherwise? Just for flavor. Thus game has amazing flavor and it doesn’t seem like it’s being put to use in game play.


I’d agree with that. Or they could do achievements for playing a faction-themed mission with a player of the correct faction. Building onto the lore of the factions and such would definitely be a plus.