An idea for easier anointment farming

farming for anointed items can sometimes be annoying at best, so a quick little idea sprung into my head, most players have a lot of eridium once they reach endgame (ie. can farm M4 bosses easily) after you get all the cosmetics from earl the only use for eridium is to buy non-unique anointed items. what if you could use your likely massive stockpile of eridium to add/reroll anointments? Idk what the costs would be. I’m debating whether it should be a fair amount per reroll or start cheap but get higher with each reroll. just spitballing a idea


Yeah this idea has been discussed all over the forums and I completely agree that it is needed. It would improve farming significantly and personally I think it is the most needed feature.

I put in a suggestion like this a while back. Also a way to add an annoitment to a gun without 1, for a price would be great aswell!