An idea for ghalts trap

As a master of ghalt, I don’t like that they changed the trap to a slow. But to an extent his hook stun was a bit strong. So I thought of this, what if ghalts trap had a “root” effect. Basically you’re stuck in place but you can use your attacks and skills. This would allow you to use a skill to fight off ghalt and will also allow ghalt to get good shots on his opponent.
What’s everyone’s opinion on the trap? Is it good where it is now Or do you want it changed in a different way from my idea.
EDIT: ISIC’s plasma dash and phoebes phasegate will be able to escape it


I like the CC the trap has now. All I want is for it to detonate instantly for guaranteed damage, for L2 to be changed to an equivalent bleed, and for R2 to have the launch radius slightly reduced.

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Yes I’d like a bleed to be on the trap. Most people seem to avoid a good bit of the DoT when they run away from the trap


Oh didn’t realize it was already suggested. Lol just got the idea after playing a lot of OW’s junkrat yesterday

Yeah it just makes sense right?

Yes, very much so. The one thing that pulled me to ghalt was his trap, any game with a character with traps is usually my go to. Deploying traps to disrupt enemies is something I love doing, but the slow made it much harder to do that

But how would it react with skills like Nullify, Claw Lunge and any other skill that moves you for that matter?

Mobility skills wouldn’t move you, you’d just waste the ability there.

Still, what about skills like Phasegate and Blink Storm which teleport you? I’m might over think this but root keeping you in place while letting you use abilities seems like it would it cause some confusion on what works and what not.

Maybe make the trap root and silence you but remove any damage component from it? I just think that a CC effect should affect everyone equally without any special cases.

That seems fair. Although, if not, ISIC and Phoebe should be allowed to leave. It’s illogical otherwsie. Just put that under the description (Teleports will allow the target to escape)

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Fair point, added to the OP

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Oh lol, thanks, but I meant under Ghalt’s in game description

I think the trap should latch onto you or the detonation aspect of it or something

The problem with root is close to the problem with stun. It forces a character to stand there while Ghalt gets crits. Let it detonate on contact but not root

I suggested something similar a few days ago in this thread:

• Give trap a root effect. One more time, throught early helix or to the skill itself. People who are affected by trap can’t move (walking/sprinting) or jump for a few seconds, but still can use skills (if not silenced, sure), attack/shoot and rotate camera. In that way you can put some damage, but not so much then before, because the enemy will not show you his critical spot, can use skills that reduce damage, can damage you (specially meeles that will not allow you to stay close to maximize shotgun damage) etc.
That will not kill hook + trap combo and will not be so strong as before.”

The trap can’t stay how it is. It’s better if they change it to another skill, but the trap now is useless.

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