An idea for hosting successful games

So, we’ve been trying a different approach at getting multiplayer games to launch and play. And I think we’ve had a decent success. It’s not 100% proof, but I’d say it’s close to 90%. Now, this is based on our experience only, maybe we’re just lucky, I’m not sure.

The idea is to have host quit if the game doesn’t launch in 20 seconds or so. This way, you get a sacrificial host to host a 2v2 game on say 6 player map, wait 20 seconds, and quit if stuck. If by miracle the game launches with the host, he can just leave the game and allow other players to keep playing 2v2 (or 3v3 on 8 player map).

We’ve got there by observing that most of the time it is the host that gets stuck. So, how about it, is this community kind enough to start doing sacrificial hosting while GBX is working on fixing this issue?

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I think I may do this for people. Anything to encourage MP gaming.

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Ya this is what we’ve been doing the last few days. One guy hosts, and then closes the game when it gets stuck on “Downloading Content”. The other players usually load fine and can do a 2v2.

I just allowed HW:R access through my Windows Firewall, and have been hosting game after game with friends, it works fine.

Only thing that causes disconnects now is a 999 Ping spike or something along those lines.


Glad this solution works for you but many of us have stated that we have turned windows firewall off. This is not a windows firewall issue. Hope there is another solution…

Why not just set steams download server to the same one. It worked for me where I host in the UK and mates are in the US or Canada tho I have to host as they still can’t for some reason. We used the US Dallas server iirc.