An idea for known skins etc. and eridium

Once we have gotten a skin/trinket/decoration it becomes wholly useless in game if it drops again. They have no monetary value for resale.

How about having them valued at 10 eridium?

Now, there is no real use for eridium endgame. Why not have the eridium bankable so it can transfer between characters? New characters would have access to the banked eridium at Sanctuary, making the purchase of gear from Earl’s vending machine easier. Would take the grind away from leveling characters. Could be balanced by having bank withdrawal amount limited based upon player level.


I’d be happy if the unlocked cosmetic items were just automatically removed from the loot pool reducing the desired drop dilution we have currently.

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I don’t know if this will ever be made. The reason why you can not transfer Eridium (I think) is to keep people playing. If you could just transfer it (even with a limit based on character level) and buy, if not all the gear, but some of it, it would still reduce the playing time pretty good. I don’t know what GBX plans for the future, but if there will be raids and arenas for which you will have to pay an amount of Eridium to play (like in BL2), everybody would just transfer Eridium between their characters and get the raid only gear. Same with cosmetics. I think transfering would be a good idea and not in the same time.

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You make some good points. However, Money is a transferable currency in game, either through trade with a teamate or through sale of items from the lost loot. Having a large bank balance early game takes some of the grind out of getting usable weapons. And that mechanic doesn’t break the game. I feel that as eridium is a currency it should have a transfer mechanic to it in some way. I don’t think this would be game breaking. If you can only withdraw a bit every level it wouldn’t matter how much eridium you had in the bank.

Making the skins etc. worth a small amount of eridium mitigates sharing/duping

You make some good points too with money being transferable in some ways. This will be my opinion: I don’t think this kind of transfer would be game breaking either, but to me at least, Eridium is just different. How should I say this? Bigger tier currency would be the best description. If you would be able to buy the cosmetics for money instead of Eridium, that would be almost non-sense, because you can make millions of dollars in few hours, we all know that. I guess this is why they are tied to Eridium also. The slot machine in Sanctuary which requires Eridium, always drops something. Basically you can’t lose, even if you get 3 Eridium bars or a white class mod. It was really rare if I bought something from a vending machine, so I’m not 100% sure about this, but if I remember correctly, there weren’t purple anointed items in Marcus’ vending machine. If there were any, those were not too good (I remember green anointed guns only). Not like Earl’s vending machine, it’s always “packed”. So the first reason I think it’s not transferable (like I said earlier), is to keep you playing. Second reason might be, to yeah, go out there and grind for it, this is how we (GBX) made this game. Another reason would be to make you feel rewarded. I wouldn’t feel rewarded if I would go for a 2 hour farm and I could buy everything. But opposite of what I just said now, I wouldn’t mind that much if it would be transferable.

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