An idea for rebalancing Pillarstorm on Orendi

The issue that people have with Pillarstorm is that it can magically (specifically chaos magic) pop a Shadowfire Pillar underneath everyone… which melts both players and the minion wave.

Instead, here’s this:
For each enemy Battleborn hit by Paradigm Shift, Orendi can summon a free Shadowfire Pillar. (Like Encore, you lose the free pillars if you don’t use them immediately.) It does NOT stack with Encore.

This way, Orendi’s overall damage remains the same, but it becomes much more skill based (and more versitile).

So a better version of the right helix, sounds like a BIG buff really

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It sounds better… but it only works for each Battleborn you hit, so you’ll only get one or two free Pillars usually.

Compared to Pillarstorm currently, which just kinda plops down a Pillar on everyone nearby, it’s a lot more skill based.

Land Paradigm Shift on multiple targets -> get x free Pillars for 5 seconds -> actually land and hit each individual Pillar

So you are talking about changing a lvl 10 mutation that gets unlocked at character rank 12. It is literally the hardest helix option in the game to get. It should be a really good mutation.

With that being said, Pillarstorm is fine, it only creates a pillar under battleborn in pvp so at most 5 if everyone is in range. If you didn’t take the reduced timer, they are pretty easy to avoid. If we want to talk about late game skills that change everything, KU’s stun is pretty sick.

Yes, his stun is bad, it needs more work.

I’m mostly talking about Pillarstorm just because I’m bored and want to talk about Battleborn. I’ve never had an issue with it, personally. I just know a lot of people complain about it.

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I was in a game with an Orendi who used pillar storm. They easily got 2 or even 3 kills per use. You might think I’m exadurating but I’m not. Whenever a pillar popped under me, it was instant death. The damage of that mixed with everything else going on just completely wrecked us, multiple times. It’s mainly BS because it’s such a high damage skill that seems to lock on to people regardless of how much they try to dodge it. At least with Kid Ultra’s stun, it’s a short duration and you need your team to work around it to make the most use of it. With pillar storm however, pop the button and watch bodies fly, hardly any effort. Yeah, level 10 helix choices should be good, but they don’t turn ultimates into tracked full power explosive pillars. Alani can add a heal or a slow, reduce cooldowns. KU can add healing over time or more damage. Marquis can shoot an extra shot at half the damage or make it go through walls, it’s a slow projectile though. Thorn can make hers bounce or leave a blight field. Or turn it into a trap. Hardly OP when it comes into play. Then there’s pillar storm.

I don’t really have much issue with it since hardly any Orendi get to that stage anyway and manage to use it frequently, but the Orendi on the opposite team literally shredded 100’s of minions to get to 10 very fast.


If you’re good with Pillar placement, definitely. Drop a Pillar tactically to force enemies to group up, activate ult, then drop Pillars where you want them to go, not just under enemies who are likely moving and like to dodge Pillars.

I see very little difference. You can dodge Pillarstorm by recognising either the animation or the vocal cue, Kultra’s stun ricochets off surfaces and hits everybody. If anything it’s worse because you can be not only damaged but stunned long enough for the enemy team to wipe yours. Pillarstorm gets kills, Kultra’s stun sets up kills.

It’s too good of a mutation though. There is no other character that gets such a game changing helix except for maybe KU.

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I say just make the pillars spawn Encore pillars

Just take Encore and that already happens. Also you loose the preamble damage, which makes you a wet noodle in comparison.

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I like that idea better (is it your birthday considering that cake)

If we want to talk about rebalancing an above average character, why don’t we focus our energy on fixing broken characters, like Ambra and Kleese? My point was focusing our efforts as a community on the very late game things misses the forest for the trees.

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none of them are broken. all of them have about one thing that makes them stronger than they shouldbe. nerf shock taser, nerf lifesteal range and maybe add a second on sunspot, and nerf paradigm shift/pillarstorm. also, make SFP’s actually show the right radius, tired of being nowhere near them and getting smacked for 300+

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I can only support this if they do different balance patches for console. They are not a problem on PC at all.

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Really, kleese and ambra are in need of fixing, I don’t know why you would want it just be console unless you think it’s that console people suck

It’s because they are not a problem outside of Incursion camping, Alani is usually a better pick overall for a support and CC is What determines strong team comps. All Kleese has is a short range pull that takes 3-4 seconds for it to activate and Ambra has a 2 second stun on a lvl 10 helix choice.

Kleese is also a huge target and even though he has a large health pool/shield he is still really easy to burst down.

So, I 100% disagree with you on your conclusion, but rather than discuss where they are bad, let’s discuss how they are bad.

Ambra has amazing speed and self-sustainment. She can chase you across the map while attacking you and if you do get her low, boom, extra speed and an over shield. If you compare that to Boldur, she can do the same thing plus be a team support. Now, if they shorten the range of her beam and ACTUALLY FIX the glitch that allows her to sprint and attack, then maybe I would have less of a problem. Also, her cds are all too low for her high damage output.

Kleese just has too much health/shield/damage. They need to take away some health and some damage. Also, the taser range is a bit long. And He can fly.

Maybe for both the further you are the less damage they do. Like if the range is 10, the 1-3 is 100% damage, 3-6 is 75%, and 6-10 is 50%.

I just think they are too powerful as characters on their own for a team support character

He doesn’t fly so much as blimp. I mean, he can move forward when he has momentum, but as an escape it kind of resembles skeet shooting.

Actually, no. Benedict is like skeet shooting. Kleese is more like throwing a dart at balloons in carnival games.

As for Ambra and Kleese’s strength. I don’t think damage is the issue as much as length of the tether. Ambra’s sprint/tether definitely needs to be fixed. It’s been in the game seemingly forever with no one addressing the issue. Most people seem to agree, when there are complaints it’s mostly that they were nowhere near the player when they died and just could not escape.


I’m from PC and I wonder why people are complaining about ambra and kleese on console? Are they stronger on console or something?

These guys are extremely easy to kill unless they catch you off guard.


Sure, people could do that. But why would they lol? Actually, maybe just no longer allow preamble and such to affect pillars or something?

Yep, thank you!

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