An idea for the Guardian Takedown

One idea I’ve been toying with is actually splitting the Guardian Takedown in half and have either piece be available from the beginning of Minos Prime as individual Takedowns.

  1. One gate takes you to Takedown A, leading through mobbing sections, the crystal stage and up to a climactic battle with Anathema the Invincible.
  2. The other gate takes you to Takedown B, leading through mobbing sections, the crystal stage and up to a climactic battle with Scourge the Invincible Martyr.

Because the two parts of the current Takedown are already separated by portals, they would only need move things around, not create anything new from scratch.

For each Takedown, the mini boss in the middle would be the crystal stage and beating it would either trigger a lootsplosion or the appearance of a bunch of chests, but whichever is the case would give not just world drop legendaries but M6 weapons and Guardian Takedown drops. At the beginning of the next area you would also get a respawn point and health/ammo vendors.

In my mind, this change would be relatively straightforward for Gearbox to implement whilst tackling a number of key issues for players in a single stroke. The Takedown would no longer feel like such an arduous activity since it is half the length (similar to Maliwan Takedown), has more available loot and respawn points and on the subject of the additional respawn points, those jumping puzzles would be less frustrating because they would not set you back so far.

The one issue with this change would be it could change the dialogue with Tannis but this could be largely resolved by making Takedown B unlock after beating Takedown A once so that you get the progression of one to the other.

They would also still need to increase the amount of loot dropped by the final bosses but at least you could farm Globetrotters / Webslingers / Smogs in half the time.

What does everybody think?

What do you think?
  • Great idea! I’m sold
  • Interesting idea, I think it could work
  • I’m not sure, I have questions (list them
  • I think something else could be better (give your idea)
  • Guardian Takedown is unsalvageable

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Not touching that takedown until they remove crystal stages…

Why do you hate them so much? Since learning the mechanics, I don’t think I’ve fallen to them once. The jumping sections I find more annoying, especially when the mantling fails to connect with an object right in front of you.

No problems with the jumping :rofl:
Or at least the first part…
Just like on nekrotafeio, you just walk into the jump pad and land where you need to be (given you don’t try to land somewhere else)

same with people saying they hated platforming in DLC 2… But I just shot those crystals with a sniper without ever leaving the central area.

I do admit it’s a bit much and serves no real purpose apart from forcing you to start over if you somehow fail the landing.

The crystal stages are what annoy me to no end…

I’m a solo player and I do not want to change my build to cheeze my way around this unnecessary (and boring) mechanism
If I do not ragequit this part, the game will do it for me…

And I refuse to play co-op.

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i think splitting the Takedown would make it more palatable to other players, even if on a personal level I feel solidly in the “GT is unsalvagable” camp. I don’t really feel like dealing with extended platforming in this game…

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@vCarpeDiemv had a similar idea in another thread, to pay eridium to skip to the bosses. I am in favor of all!


It’ll be interesting to see what, if anything, Gearbox does to improve the Guardian Takedown. They must be aware of how we feel but their response has been so restrained that I’m wondering if they’ll ever truly address it. I hope they do.

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@damien_hine I feel fairly certain that, as of right now, the GTD is what it will forever be.

Unfortunately, I have to agree with @tysonyar. There have been countless brilliant ideas thrown around on this site alone to aid this content and all we have got was slightly less spongy enemies.

I fear you’re both right. It would be a shame.

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It truly is a shame that such an epic map design would be wasted.