An idea I've been toying with to fix Mayhem 7-10

One idea I’ve been toying with is actually to separate the current pool of legendaries and make some into seraph/pearlescent weapons. We have certain weapons that people generally agree are Mayhem 10-ready, the Recursion, Anarchy, Monarch, we all know the list, and these could become the new seraph/pearlescent weapons while the rest remain as legendaries.

The understanding would then be that any standard legendary is good for Mayhem 1 to 6 and beyond that you start needing the higher class of gear. They could boost the range of seraph/pearlescents by buffing current weapons and adding new ones through, DLC, Takedowns and seasonal content.

To me, it would be a bit of a shift in mindset, making things feel more positive and providing a good way for Gearbox to balance the game going forwards. What do you think?

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It would heavily reduce build variety so no
Even in bl2 there were legendary and even unique weapons being able to do endgame content
Just putting 90% of the lootpool in the “early game trash bin” would hurt the game a lot


lol another palcebo fix right

“we noticed people complained about reload times, so we added more animations into reload to make it seem faster”

hurr durr you need pearls to do content is not different from all the legacy and dlc 1 legendaries are ■■■■■■■■ and only good gear is overbuffed vanilla guns dlc 2 guns and m6 exclusive guns, like what? who would this fool

only solution is weeding out outlier over and udner performers and making a game around solid base line where gun performance variation is not catastrophic. when are we gonna stop with bandaid and placebo and actually fix the problems?


do u really think another rarity would fix the issue??? hilarious.

since when borderlands become poe / maplestory etc etc game?

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I like that you’re trying to be creative but I’d be against adding yet another layer of complexity to the situation by creating a new level of gear. The problem essentially is that GBX don’t have a clue how to balance gear scaling while taking anointments into account and until they crack that particular nut anything they do is putting a band aid over a gunshot wound


Oh I’ve been toying with an idea myself … give me the option to turn off the stupid, silly , childish and immature mods so a adult can enjoy the game they drop money on .

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How about this:

Keep the new Mayhem 2.0 modifiers, but let us specifically pick or disable them. Add a reward system to the modifiers (special drops, increased droprate, cash, eridium, what ever). Disabling modifiers removes those rewards and increases HP/Shield/Armor of enemies. Generally the higher the Mayhem level, the better the loot + exp.

No . Others and myself should not miss out on gear or weapons because we prefer to opt out of stupid , silly and childish mods if you or others wish to play with mods fine but I want out and there is few people that agree with me . Since m2 has drop nothing works right people are leaving the game and the longer their gone the less they miss the game .

Gearbox is doubling down on m2 and so are players that don’t like m2 this thing is a disaster. This m2 has the potential to turn bl3 into battleborn and then what ? No m2 is trash and its all those stupi , silly and childish mods.

What if you could just turn off the modifiers?

Thats all i and other like players have been asking let us turn it off . Increase the difficulties make it harder that’s fine I can deal with a hard core toe to toe ( even though I play moze lol ) but bigger heads , lava floors , bouncy bouncy ball , skip rope and all the other poop can go .

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I love those modifiers. Make them selective and optional = everyone happy

Having the option to switch on/off modifiers and then having benefits to equipping modifiers wouldn’t necessarily be imbalanced because the mods will generally slow down your killing so the non-modifier version would have a natural advantage as it is. Would people generally be happy if you could switch mods on/off and individually select the mods you use?

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Not everyone but it doesn’t matter I quit playing the game and I’m just banging my head against the wall and haunting the forums time to shut up and move on .

If you could select which modifiers are active if any wouldn’t that be perfect? You could completely disable all modifiers or you only activate the ones you like. Only talking about modifiers not the other issues of the game

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i really dont get how this hasnt been happening yet
we were asking for that BEFORE mayhem 2.0 rolled in even

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Completely agree. M4 came out and everyone said " “YES, harder content, no random modifiers you have to reload the game to get the ones you want. This is perfect”

GBx:" oh that’s what you like . Okay cool, here is a new mayhem with even more screen polluting random modifiers and the scaling is through the roof… but don’t worry for every 200% more health, we will give your weapons 10% more damage.! We did good right?"

Players around the world face palm all at once

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Tbf, that was the mood of the community when m4 came out, but there were swiftly a load of whinging ‘m4 is too easy’ threads.

In fact the amount of whinging threads seem to be peaking. ‘Yellowcake is too OP’. Gearbox nerfs it. ‘Gearbox nerfs too hard’.

Whilst I agree that the state of the game is substantially below expectations, Gearbox must be pretty tired of the constant back and forth of opinions.

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Any of this could’ve been prevented if they playtested their stuff before releasing it. No insane nerfs needed later on.

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