An idea to fix Toby's force field

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I might be new to the forums but I’m no novice when it come to the game. Toby caught my eye right of the bat when the game first launched. Such a unique character design, something you’d only get in a game like battleborn. Which is why it’s sad to see him so underpowered in pvp. His damage outputs a fine, his arc mines are great. His ultimate is now usable. (Thank you gearbox) but now his force field needs some love. Many people on the forums feel his force field needs a health buff, but I see a different route. Instead of the force field lasting forever, and having a set amount of health, make the force field be invincible, and only last a short time. A lengthy cool down but only last ten seconds or so. This would allow Toby to truly be territorial but not overpowering as you could still get up on him and take him out. Leaving his health as it is. And fixing Toby. It’s all just an idea.

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It should at least block 1000-1200. Hell, Isic’s wards at max level block 300 damage each when overcharged which is 1500 for each ward and he has his Aegis, overshied and another shield that blocks 2000 damage with his level 10 helix.

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[quote=“jbmsquared, post:1, topic:1543264, full:true”]Instead of the force field lasting forever, and having a set amount of health, make the force field be invincible, and only last a short time. A lengthy cool down but only last ten seconds or so.

An invulnerable 10 second shield that the creator and allies can still shoot through is insanely powerful. Kelvin’s Ice Wall only lasts something like 6 seconds and it’s an ultimate that blocks the attacks of allies as well.

Putting it on a long CD is also counterproductive since part of Toby’s whole shtick is that he fires through his own shield in order to power up his shots. The shield isn’t just a defense mechanism: it’s also part of his offensive kit.

Personally, I think neither buffing its hp or making it invulnerable are good ideas. Instead of having it be a destructible shield that absorbs X amount of damage, make it do the same thing to enemy shots that it does to Toby’s shots (e.g. any enemy ranged attack passing through the field does 35% less damage; the health increase helix would instead increase the damage reduction by 10-15%). Set the CD to ~15 seconds (more, if you want him to be super territorial, but the shield needs to be stronger to compensate) but only allow a single field to be out on the battlefield at any given time so that Toby can always have access to it.

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I agree, the shield needs help. Thralls in incursion take it down in one shot and Marquis can basically destroy it in about 2 shots. It makes Marquis very difficult to counter with Toby who I view (possibly incorrectly) as a pseudo sniper counter.

I suppose I would even be fine if the damage of rail shots passing through the shield was reduced slightly and the shield health was buffed to compensate.

It’s ridiculous how fast Toby’s shield goes down, even with the extra health buff helix choice, which is basically a mandatory choice.

I wouldn’t even mind seeing a mutation where the shield moves with Toby like Isic’s wards. As it is, you plant the shield, get one MAYBE two charged shots through it and it immediately gets focused and destroyed.

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It’s all hypothetical, but the issue is his shield needs a major rework. More then just a health increase. Good to see I’m not the only one worried about Toby. If the damage reduction idea were to come into play Toby’s health would need a boost. After all his large size makes him an easy target for anyone. Alowing him to actually stand his ground and be territorial.

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…Well stated. On Sabo advanced his shield is totally useless in most areas.
I’m not commenting on PvP because I don’t play it but in advanced PvE you make a valid point.


I think it’s the same in PVP and PVE. Drop the shield, it takes two shots by the enemy, goes down, wait for CD to drop it again against ranged enemies. I’m lucky if I can get two fully charged shots through it before it gets decimated (regardless of pvp or PVE).

It works great in the renegade though when the level spawns hundreds upon hundreds of melee enemies. Force field with the helix that splits your shot into three and a slow mine just mows down the masses (because melee enemies in PVE don’t appear to attack the shield).