An idea to increase difficulty because why not

So I was thinking how I could entertain myself in this game if I didn’t want to do the usual armory or craw. And I thought of a crazy challenge for myself and or others. Why not set all 5 call of duty missions active at once and set the 4 player difficulty tool to max and see if I can actually manage to survive. I should be able to ace it with lilly because reason of demi goddess. Roland because I’m pretty good with him… but brick and mordy, I am not so sure. I hate brick with a dying passion and mordy can get trashed pretty quickly because he is a glass cannon. So what you guys think? Should I give it a shot and record, and would anyone else be crazy enough to try it as well?


I think it is a cool idea. Video would be awesome too. Already waiting for this, tho :smiley:

Also, is it possible to apply perks used in Underdome outside of it? Like, faster movement speed, more accurate enemies, lower gravity, no shield and health regen for killing enemies etc. Stuff like that - custom difficulty, so to speak.

I’d give it a shot! On Mordy, with repeaters too!

Would this just be a mission reset in Willowtree? i’ve never done that but how hard can it be?

yeah just a mission reset. oh that topic…

Lets say by some miracle I manage to get one of these which would you prefer to use? this is actually the chiquito amigo with the protector body.

I would use the second - more tech, which is where most of the damage will be coming from. The first will empty it’s smaller tech pool faster, and probably with more missed shots.

Does the Chiquito Amigo have any special recoil reduction? At first glance I don’t think I would use either…they look to be pretty inaccurate. A double would be the most point-blank DPS of any repeater (I think) but would probably be difficult to handle well.

I’ll have to reset that quest and get a few of these. Of everything else I’ve tried, Knoxx’s Gold is where it’s at. I’m working on collecting a whole set…the recoil reduction (and thus hipfiring accuracy and second wind usefulness) is just that good.

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It sounds like fun
But remember brick has the highest dps of any character if you do the master blaster build