An idea to make shield penetration more viable

So I think that most people agree that shield pen is only good in a few situations. Mainly damaging Gali’s health to immediately shut down her projectiles. It’s just faster to kill someone by choosing attack damage in their gear or helix and just take down their shield with straight up damage.

So what if shield pen gear and helix choices instead increased damage dealt to someone’s shield. An extra 21% damage that is only applied to the shield for the standard max roll shield pen gear.

This would be quite a change and some other things would need to be fixed as well if it is implemented. WF’s level ten Helix would have to be changed to it ignore’s shields so that it doesn’t indirectly nerf him and the Bunker Buster would likely need to changed in some way.

So what are your thoughts on this and shield pen in general?

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That might make it a bit op but right now it’s pretty much worthless.

It wouldn’t make it op at all. It would just allow for bursts of damage against someone’s shield. The characters with the higher shield capacities also have above average health so they would remain for the most part fine. While the one’s with lower shields would only take the extra damage briefly as the shield would drop faster.

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worthless. Shields in this game as far as PVP goes are a joke. 300-500 or a little more. Only takes a couple shots of anyone to drop that shield. You could devote all 3 slots to shield pen and it still wouldn’t make it worthwhile. Not only that, using slots on something that is situational at best ruins the whole nature of the slot to begin with. I’m hardly ever fighting a guy with any shield so what good would that do. I use attikus a ton and can’t even tell when I’m doing the 25% shield pen when enraged, or whatever it is…

I think it might help in the “experiment”? Those shielded robots have virtually no health, but they can sit and take shield damage all day long.

I think they just need to remove this as a thing.

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Your idea is decent, but I feel it would either be high enough to be OP or low enough to irrelevant. Attack damage would generally be better. An idea I had is for partial crits. Have 50% shield pen on someone with full shield and hit them in the face, and normally only dealt 100 damage? Now deal 125 damage, as you just got a half crit.


Shield pen is complete Trash since you can just build for attack speed and damage and just rip the shield in literally 1-2 seconds

That’s exactly why I think it needs to be changed.

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Problem is how do you change it to where it’ll be just as viable as attack damage? Concerning your change Why make your damage to shields stronger when you can just make your overall damage stronger

21% damage increase is more than 9.1%. Useful against certain characters like Reyna, Kleese, Shayne. It could create a new roll as someone initiates to bring down someone’s shield and a skilled sniper is allowed to get crits immediately.

I know that right now shield pen is almost useless so I’m trying to get some ideas together in one place so that it can be improved.

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This is exactly what one of the legendaries does. I think it’s called the bunker buster.

I know.

Whoops, that’s what I get for not reading till the end.


Perhaps one issue is people thinking purely of shields as an enemy battleborn thing.

If shield pen were changed in the way you describe I’d be planning to add shield pen to my incursion loadouts most definitely

In incursion it could be useful for lowering the shield on the sentry, making it easier to damage or destroy it.
One or two could focus on damaging the shield and others focus on damaging the sentry itself.

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Ironically I do this every now and then as well

Still with most shields being 300-500 it’s still too situational to be really effective. Honestly there really isn’t a way to make shield pen viable it’s just far too situational

It could also be used for meltdown for the extra damage to overshield on minons and make wave clear easier. With tougher minions and reduced aoes this could be useful

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True, but would it be a static value our a percentage of your damage being bonus damage?

I would imagine a percentage as that is how most of the damage modifications work.

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That would be fun. Especially since bunker buster uses the static value of your shield pen rating