An important point ppl missing - Digi Peak will be EASY at level 80

Yeah everything’s easy at lv. 80, but we went to do the OP8 peak run yesterday and got our ass handed to us. Everything is lv. 88-90. It’s basically the equivalent of when people did the old OP8 run with 72 gear.

We got all the way to the end after 3 tries and literally the last enemy before the final boss got stuck in a mountain and we couldn’t proceed. :frowning: My friend was tilted beyond belief and he stopped there for the day.


Luckily OP8 players who reach level 80 will only have to do OP9 and OP10.

And concerning the 8 extra skill points, Gaige is my favorite character and well those extra points don’t do too much for her. Sure I can get to Wires Don’t Talk now but is that really a game changer? If anything shock Gaige takes a hit, now that enemies have even more damage resistance.


Yea I got her, zero, and maya to 80. I didn’t have Sharing is Caring before so I grabbed it, but I kinda felt the same way. Just grabbed whatever. lol

The most frustrating thing is that with just the tiniest bit of forethought, both sides of this argument could have been satisfied. I said this in another thread, but there are so many ways they could have increased the cap for people, yet not ruined all of the gear the hardcore min/max players spent years farming for. The easiest and most obvious solution would have just been to make sure “OP8” gear scaled to still being actual OP8 gear, rather than this whole “OP8=level80” mess. Do that, and don’t add the OP9-10 levels (seriously, I haven’t seen one single person be excited about these) and boom, problem solved! Literally everyone is happy.

The biggest concern out of all of this though isn’t for BL2, it’s for the future of BL3. While the DLC was almost always fun and creative, it often felt like Gearbox would just shoot from the hip when adding things to BL2 with little regard for skill and weapons balancing, level scaling, and community feedback. I thought after 7 years and seeing how the genre has evolved, that they were going to be much better about this stuff for BL3; but now I am legitimately concerned. It’s hard to believe no one working there realized the way they scaled the guns with this DLC was going to be a problem for a lot of the long-term dedicated players.


Ok. Well I already established that for Zero those 8 points are a godsend (finally FINALLY melee Zero isn’t such a weakling anymore with running and gunning!), and Maya wow, I mean I haven’t played with builds yet but I can see her being nigh on invincible at lvl80. Same to be said with Salvador, and probably Krieg also.

Speaking of Maya and extra skill points: I finally got ruin!
It’s not that much more useful than scorch honestly

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‘’ Digi Peak will be EASY at level 80 ‘’
Thanks for this - I needed a good laugh today!
What are your thoughts on OP10 (level 90)?


I’m surprised. I always get Ruin, with a legendary Binder it takes the place of having to carry a slag grenade for me.
Just phase lock, slags em up and then you can use a more offensively oriented grenade.

The extra 8 points for me are going into support skills (like filling up Life Tap), not getting another capstone. Scorn doesn’t work for my style (I’ve tried) and thought lock isn’t my thing either.
But the extra 8 is gonna make my Mayas really tanky, which is Good.


I completely agree. I’m going to make my Antagonist Maya bullet proof and put 5 points in Kinetic reflection, stick on a trickster com and melt everything!


I’ve never much cared for elemental builds, besides a bit of LBT gaige, and thus I never cared enough to invest in cataclysm for ruin.
When I have used it, it pretty much boils down to scorch with a faster cool down. It’s useful certainly, but not like some of the capstones for other characters. Scorch has always been my go-to slagger for Maya, mostly because I don’t actually use a lot of slag. Against particularly beefy enemies, or when trying to get a second wind, but in 90% of cases I’m doing enough damage with just my guns to make the slagging potential of ruin seem like overkill.
With the new 8 points tho I couldn’t really decide where they’d be useful so I dumped them into cataclysm far enough for ruin and maxxed out life tap because 1 point isn’t enough now.

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Granted Im just at level 80 but if I did go back to playing op8(or 10 lol) this build would be BEASTLY on my meat man. All the tank but with more damage.

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Would run Slag Xfire, SG/AR/Health relic(Maybe try Seraph Health/Regen?), Rough Rider, Murdering Slagga(or Florentine), Rabid Hails, Dpuh, Nasty Ogre, Casual(Insert: Carnage, Swordsplosion, Flakker, Interfacer).

Could use Leggy Torch, Psycho and Reaper depending on play and areas.

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Just for some context: the OP hasn’t actually achieved OP8 with any character. And has some rather unique theories on the game.


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It is a little difficult to opine with less than the complete set of information though. It’s kind of like saying “I’ve removed many splinters so I’m qualified to talk about brain surgery.” Everyone is entitled to their opinions and theories, but without a certain amount of knowledge and/or experience they will always ring hollow.


This is the kind of info I was wondering about- so they increased the levels of the enemies as well? Hmmm- as someone who had basically stopped playing the game because of burnout, this- interests me…:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I’m either going to have a lot of fun trying to get at least Sal and Maya to OP10 or I’m going to go completely bald pulling my hair out (and just so you know, I still have a full head of hair…). As far as the gear part of goes, I tend to only look for certain parts on 3 weapons- the ROM, the Fibber and the DPUH (gotta have that Torgue grip dude!). So long as I can get the prefix and/or element I want I’m pretty easy to satisfy. I will, however, completely write off any chance of ever seeing a Hawkeye in this game- if I couldn’t take out Vora at the old OP8 I’m sure as hell not going to do it at OP10…


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