An in depth analysis of Toby and possible buffs. Not a rant, but constructive criticism. He has lots of potential =) (Gearbox I am looking at you)

First Toby’s ultimate has too many draw backs. What I would change:

  1. After activating the Ultimate, allow the player to chose when to fire it off by replacing your main attack with the laser. Even in short bursts if needed. Thus, the ultimate would have a set charge that drains as it is used.

  2. It should not hinder Toby’s movement speed, he is too squishy as it is, and it already loses to CC.

  3. The damage is okay for clearing lanes etc. But its DOT is slow and will rarely be useful to kill a player’s hero, because the DOT is incredibly slow, which makes it impractical.

  4. The Mod that converts the streams into single powerful beams would be 100x better if it was, once again, controlled by the player instead of released in timed intervals… IT should replace one of the main attack button.

  5. Give the laser a damage buff when used in conjunction with Toby’s shield. Maybe make it to where any mods put into your railgun via the Helix: such as the spread attack, bigger beams, and piercing damage also modify the Ultimate when shot through the shield.

  6. While the ultimate is active, give Toby the ability to use his other abilities like his dashes, his zoom, and his arc mines would make his ultimate far better.

All these changes will help play to Toby’s strengths while making it better but not broken.

However, I also believe Toby needs some fundamental changes.

  1. His particle beam needs to be charged and is slow without the shield. I understand that this is meant to balance Toby out, but without a shield all Toby can effectively accomplish is lane clear. The railgun should be changed to shoot as fast as it does with the shield up, and the shield should provide a damage boost instead of boosting its speed. Rather than the shield modifying speed, the amount a player charges the rail gun should affect damage + speed. Instead the shield should only give minor modifications.

  2. Slightly increase Toby’s shield or HP. Reason? He is a HUGE target. Yes he is a sniper and shouldn’t be played in the front lines, and he has a shield, but these do not make up for his poor mobility (the dashes are meh and may also need a slight buff in distance), but once the first sentinel dies Toby becomes a really easy target to kill. I wouldn’t give Toby Both shield and HP buffs but he needs one.

  3. He base shield needs slightly more HP. Toby does the best when camping the overlooks but his shield is far too weak, and his main mechanic relying on his shield means his shield needs to be much better than it is.

  4. As a passive his boosters don’t make a ton of sense because he needs to play from a distance. If they were made slightly better, in conjunction with a hp or shield buff, he could be really good at playing tunnels. Maybe continue on with the “Titan Fall” mimicry and allow Toby to chain all his dashes together?

The helix:

  • Arc Vortex: needs a slightly bigger pull in radius and it should be slightly stronger

  • Upward boost: At first I thought it should be changed into a hover that gradually eats away at your boost charges (wink wink). However, instead of changing it, if they increase the range of boost it would also fix this skill. As it stands, the double jump is extremely lack luster.

  • Overcompensating should potentially be moved so that it can be stacked with Beam Splitter? (IDK wishful thinking)

Final thoughts: I do not think any of the changes suggested would put ruin the initial concept of Toby. I also feel that they would give him a bit more utility on the battlefield. Just food for thought.


I do agree with some point. mostly about Toby Ultimate.

It work the same way as TF2 Soldier’s rocket launcher or any other game RPG. big damage but slow projectile. I dont really mind this one as much. I kill quite a few ppl without projecttile speed from shield. ;D
if the rail gun bullet speed is fast with out shield, then Toby would be broken-*- as Toby don’t need to reload. they would need to introduce some kind of reload or overheat to make it balance. ><

I assume you talk about ‘Q’, this skill work best if u use it as CC on hero.(I usually upgrade it with slow (vortex work too)
it really good get away skill (this + triple boost). I able to get away almost all the time. (unless i back boost into the wall T_T). also work if you slow them and put 3-4 charged shot in their face ;D it really easy to hit target when they slow for 3 sec.

Pretty sure Arc Vortex pull range is base on the mine range which can be increase by 50% at lv 9

about the shield. Pretty sure you can upgrade his shield at lv 3. I don’t really use Targeting overlay anyway. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I use minimap to see if any try to run behind me.

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I meant the strength of the Mines suction power.

I think he shield skill should scale as well it sits at 510 which is great at level 1 but as the game goes on 510 is nothing and its gone after 3 seconds. reyna overshield skill scales i dont see why tody does not.


I agree with your idea for tripple charge, at it does WAY less damage and it riskier than his default ultimate; changing it so that your next three rail gun shots are way powerful is a good idea to balance this. However, his ultimate really just needs a damage buff, as it can’t even drop any but the squishiest characters in a reasonable time-frame.

Other than the ult, I disagree entirely. He’s a huge target, but he’s a sniper. He should be very squishy, especially since he can 1v1 nearly anyone so long as he can see them coming (besides marq).
His shield is fine, you just have to place it somewhere where you can defend it as well as it’s defending you. Any more and shooters won’t be able to get through it, like OM and WF. At least not before you take down, literally, their entire health bar.
Swapping heal for shield strength is plausible, though. Since it’s helix, it’s not as imba.
Boosters work for me, they help escape when I get ganked a LOT. They’re just a last resort, and the vertical one gets me to places where I otherwise couldn’t, and therefore melee characters literally can’t get me.
I don’t know about suction mine, I never get that. Stun mine is my gank breaker. Point blank stun, three charges shots, rath or el dragon or whoever is stupid enough to charge at the 10+ kill penguin is dead :slight_smile:

The ultimate, however, is garbage. Even with the slow, and winning 66% of all games as Toby, I only have one point towards his lore thing. Atticus, Rath, and Shayne took me less than a day. I haven’t been able to get Toby’s yet. I have one point on it.
I honestly think just increasing his attack speed with 60% charged shots is a better ult, particularly if they did reduced damage enemy penetration. Since all we use is the railgun anyway.