An infuriating Bug(maybe) with Wotan

I have been playing BL3 since launch, and aside from a few strange design decisions I have been having a blast. But I have an issue with Wotan. It is not the occasional bug where his second half is reduced to nothing but a small nodule on the ground, but with his interaction with the modifier that increases the explosion radius of enemy explosions. His knockback attack during the 2 shield phase gets that radius boost, despite not being an explosion. I would like to know if this is a bug or if the boost applies to all AOE attacks.

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The TD can be buggy, along with many slaughters as well.

Wotan can bug out, sometimes on my Zane, freezing the top half will make it fall, however it still drifts out the map and can’t complete.

Some enemies on second half spawn behind either force wall, in side wall, or on other side of forced field + door so you can’t pull them. Have to jump off and start again. Either one really isn’t game breaking and only happens once every 10-20 runs or so.

Honestly I didn’t like Wotan’s mechanics at all, bug or not. It just felt like too much stuff layered on top like it was designed specifically to “Beat” the players instead of being an entertaining challenge. My friend playing with me quit on that fight and got frustrated because they kept on chain dying to stuff that they couldn’t even tell what killed them.

Once you get the mechanics down it is not bad. One thing that can wipe players and team, even Zane through barrier are the yellow deathspheres that launch a splash rocket volley. Got to take those out first if you see them.

I didn’t do too much Takedowns, but I also had this bug once like 2-3 months ago. I also had a bug after the cinematics (which are now skippable, don’t know if that makes a difference now), but if I tried to move just seconds after the cinematics, Wotan’s shield and armor were not dispalyed, making Wotan literally… invincible. I had to have myself killed and fight my way back to Wotan again.

I’ve only tried to play it 6-7 times and have yet to beat Wotan. I agree with some of the comments in this thread that it’s like they dev’d this boss to be one where Wotan always has the upper hand instead of allowing to have “some” fun and actually down it at some point. I know some of you down it like there’s no tmrw, but for me that hasn’t happened yet.

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