An Interesting Idea To Balance Orendi

Ok, so credit for this idea goes to my good PS4 Battleborn buddy GeneralDansLegs (who Im sure many of you all know).

We were in a mic party while playing Battleborn last night and Dan asked me to “use my sway with the community” to get this idea out there.

So here goes:

Now, I have lost count of the amount of times, especially recently, where myself and / or my teammates have shouted “GODDAMIT ORENDI IS ANNOYING!” either before, during, or after a match (if not all 3!) as we watch a power leveled triple legendary running Orendi reach level 10 while we are still at 5-7 and carry her team with 20-35 kills and few deaths.

Just constant PillsrStorm Genocide.

So, Dan’s idea was this:

Bump her R2 and L2 Attack strength back up Normal.

Reduce her Shadowfire Pillar damage by 35-50 percent, essentially in half.


Give her “Hellfire Stacks” (crazy Borderlands legendary Fire damage SMG reference) which Orendi woukd acquire upon every successful R2 / L2 hit (well maybe just R2 to prevent peopje abusing L2 Mind Bullets for stacks).

At 5 stacks (maybe 10?) her Pillars would deal their post Nerf damage again.

I guess this still leaves the issue of mass PillarStorm kills, but that’s a fairly late game issue.

So…what do you guys think?

Tagging some people for knowledge.

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Why am I here?
What happened?

Did something Deande related happen?


Oh orendi thing.


Well I have no idea what I’m doing here. But if you ask me they should probably just change the ult. I don’t know how but make it worse.


I think we can balance Orendi by giving her one of the smallest health pools in the game and make her crit spot take up half of her hit box.

Oh wait…


Looking for serious replies here please guys.

A crit spot so big ISIC and toby don’t even need to try to hit repeatedly

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It is a serious reply. Orendi overall a balanced character barring pillarstorm. She’s a glass cannon and her insane damage on her skills is justified by how easily she can get focused down and killed.


The problem here isn’t Orendi herself, it’s this[quote=“FlamesForAll, post:1, topic:1560140”]
triple legendary running Orendi

Pretty sure that among those three legendaries, was bolas and voxis, both who are stupidly broken on Orendi. Without legendaries though, Orendi is easy to deal with. The community exaggerates her power by a huge margin and fails to notice her very, very large weaknesses, that as @blainebrossart1 stated, she’s squishy and her crit spot is large. Characters like Marquis, ISIC, Benny, Caldy, WF, Thorn, Toby etc. all have the ability to delete her. That and she has no real mobility plus her only “escape” is tied to her passive which plays a huge part of in her play style. It’s not like she’s Thorn where she has massive burst, a very skinny model, and has access to mobility. As for Pillarstorm, the only major thing I have against this, is that she still keeps that huge burst of damage at the end of it as if spawning multiple pillars for a potential team kill wasn’t enough. Imo the Paradigm Shift itself should either be lowered in damage after taking Pillarstorm, or downright removed. It’s not like it really takes much effort to use just like the rest of Orendi’s kit.


Don’t forget Rath, her tiny health pool makes Rath’s above average burst a serious threat.


Oh that too.

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sounds great, as long as they nerf benedict again, earnest, kelvin, boldur again, gali 3x, beatrix 5x, then go ahead and nerf away. Gotta go for the main things first. But seriously, if you just disallow legendary gear in pvp, it would take quite a bit of the edge off of her.


Orendi does not do as well with sustained fights, and what you’re describing is essentially an offensive osmosis. Osmosis works great for alani since she has so much sustain…I’m worried that it wouldn’t be the best for orendi

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You posted this on 4/20 :eyes:



One of my favourite days to celebrate!

Thank God for my gal Mary Jane!


Why the Heck wasn’t I tagged in this out of all the people who play Orendi ???

Well having her pillars reduced by that much is wayyyy too much.

Also, I think this would be futile because her attack speed is generally good and you would accumulate 5 stacks in less than 3 seconds and her pillar cool down are like what 10-15 seconds???

This would also be considered a nerf because the general tactic would be to SFP, Nullify, then SFP. You would only have a net gain of about 150% damage of the would be 200% normal damage with 2 SFP’s.


Sorry Shadows I forgot.

Thank you for your input.


That reminds me. Part of the problem is that you can stack broken max hp gear on her and her whole body is the size of some crit spots. She can hide behind Ambras headdress.

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Orendi benefits way too much from skill damage to warrant stacking max health on her instead. Anything other than this:

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And I don’t think it’s worth it for health on her.

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Me neither. That’s why I like the shield cap.


See? I don’t even play Orendi and an Orendi main agrees with me.