An interesting point of view found on Steam

I just found a little gem of a post.
Let me paste it for you.

"Grey sludge is maybe all we deserve

Game has it’s flaws , every game has, they have been discussed at length.
it sure does needs some work, some of wich has allready been done, but it’s barely been aknowledged.

But this Topic, for once is about taking a look at ourselves, make a little place for introspection.

Year in and year out we complain about Ubisoft and EA selling the same grey generic shell of game. We mock them for playing it safe, trying nothing new. (Yet somehow they still sell like hot cakes.)

A publisher takes an existing F2P concept that works, uses recycled assets from a dead project , gives the whole thing a new coat of paint ( albeit masterfull , polished coat of paint, runs and looks fantastic) adds butss and boobies. Get away with no campaign , hit boxes the size of Rosanne Barr and a 40 to 60 dollar price tag and people rush in the millions to buy it.

But when I see the patience, the support we give a develloper when they actually try something new. I am wondering if Ubisoft hasn’t got us all figured out.

Maybe all we deserve is the grey sludge or just a nice coat of paint on something safe."

He has a point.

EDIT: pasted the rewording of OP on Steam.


I for one am sticking with this chaotic explosion of color until the very end.


100% agree
Love Battleborn
Live Battleborn
Eat Battleborn
Probably die from eating Battleborn
Reborn as Battleborn <3


Am I the only one with over 400 hours into Battleborn and has never sat down to play it?


So you run the game and then immediately fall asleep?

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No, they play using VR gear and hopping around like mad, because…Thorn. (j/k)

Nicely said. I wouldn’t have expected something so thoughtful from the Steam forums. My mistake.

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Hard to disagree with that. People complain, then buy the things they complain about so they can complain, once more, that it’s just the same. But they still complain about the games that try something just a little different, since those games are too different from the already established franchises.

Maybe we should all go back to chess and board games.


While I definitely think that post could’ve been worded better and Battleborn has its flaws, I do agree with the idea that gaming consumers, not nessecarily online communities but these as well, rarely reward risking taking when it comes to most new games.

One way to describe Battleborn would be a fusion of Borderlands and DotA or LoL. This is a very risky decision for a few reasons, the primary ones to me being:

  1. MOBAs originate out of RTS games with their Isometric view and ability for free camera control. This allows for the player to micromanage parts of the game, while obtaining information from other parts of the game (vision). Battleborn’s First Person Camera completely eliminates this element of the MOBA equation.

  2. Traditionally, the types of players drawn to FPS games like CoD, Halo, Battlefield etc, are not the same types of people that play MOBAs or even “competitive”, in the sense they play other humans online not just bots or the campaign, RTSs.

So the player niche that Battleborn is attempting to target are people who are comfortable with the pacing and structure of a MOBA, with the gameplay features of a FPS. This combining of the action of an FPS with the strategy and teamwork of a MOBA, to me at least, is very innovative and is actually attempting to push both genres. The problem with this, however, is that FPS games exist in a post-CoD world where skill gap compression is rewarded. This video and this interview ,with the creator of Tripwire Interactive, do a good job of summing up those problems. This narrowing of skill gap and “slot-machine” effect are part of what makes people enjoy games like Overwatch. I can join a game as Reaper or Pharah, build up my ult, and then hit Q in a group of people, which ends up netting me a bunch of kills and I feel really good because my score goes up. In no way am I trying to disparage competitive aspects of these games. I recognize strategy required in games like Overwatch, CoD, Battlefield, and now Halo, but all of these games capitalize on this “slot-machine” effect. Some more so than others.

Battleborn simply does not do this. A good player playing a character they are really comfortable with can simply dominate newer players to the point the new players might not even get minion kills. It feels really bad to get destroyed, especially when it’s hard to recognize why or what you could do differently. This leads to frustration with most players who simply decide they have better things to do with their time.

Companies recognize what the mass of people enjoy, and cater to that desire. This is why companies like EA, Ubisoft, and Activison, simply publish the same type game year after year. They know these mechanics will sell. They know people like feeling powerful with minimal effort.

Gearbox has not done this with Battleborn, and has taken tremendous risks in a very traditional genre. From the level of complaints about lack of innovation from the gaming community, one would think this would be rewarded, instead of derided. It’s really quite unfortunate.


I saw a comment that battleborn looked like “the aftermath of shoving a stick of dynamite up the arse of a birthday clown”

Apparently, he considered that a negative. Go figure.


…I’m a lumberjack and built a standing desk Paul Bunyon would be proud of from a tree I rived by hand.

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Fixed. And 100% agree with OP.


Gamers don’t care about innovation as much as they claim to want it. Some of my all time favorite games didn’t even break a million sold copies and there is no reason for a company to try innovative game play since the risk is so high and this isn’t even a new problem.

Side scrolling Mario games have historically always sold better then their non-sidescrolling counter parts; Super Mario 64, one of the most innovative games ever, sold less then one of the newer renditions of a classic mario game i.e.New super mario bros.

I applaud gearbox for taking two aspects of different genres and combining it into one game as well as any other companies that try something new.

one thing i can’t understand is that people shat on other games with little pve/lack of story or pvp only games like destiny/ evolve/ titanfall yet these same people praise overwatch like it’s the second coming of jesus. i don’t know man; i just don’t know


most people are dumb as hell…but if ur dumb u cant figure it out urself…
as example
many people said not enough maps…still 80% of the time the same map is played and 80% of the playerpvp base only wants to play incursion…its the same everywhere
battlefield has a shitload of maps and cars and stuff and what runs the most…1map with no cars and jets and choppers…with only 2 ways to run…and a train …

people want easy dumb stuff …thats how it is and always will be

i dont care if the game saled well or bad…i am only sad it didnt have enough players for me to play it with some friends…dont care about all the rest

This is precisely why i bought a load of the premium skins, even though i dont care about skins at all.

Support that with innovates, not that which stagnates.


That rhyme.


In a way I agree with him, but I have to admit I’m not happy at the course BB is taking now. It was a 60€ game with just a handful of maps. But ok, I can live with that.
They add a new character… in a game that already has plenty instead of adding more Coop maps… and the character has a price tag. Fine, I’ll live with that too.
Then they add skins… each one has a price too… and STILL no new maps. And when new maps eventually WILL come, they’ll all have a price tag too.

Innovation, fun, originality: yes. BB has all this and I commend Gearbox for that. ■■■■, I’ll even support them by buying a few skins.
But the lack of new maps and new actual content is disturbing. I want this game to succeed, but as long as we’re stuck with having to play the same few maps over and over again, the game will never really take off.


[Quote]danwarr1175h1 While
I definitely think that post could’ve been worded better and Battleborn
has its flaws.[/Quote]

Yeah I was in a hurry epithany poped with an awkward timing, I have sinced improved the wording a little.
Also If OP could refresh the quote it would be badass.


Welcome to the forums! Hope you stick around.

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why thanks :3 I hope I wasn’t “misguided” ! ha, the puns

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This is where Blizzard has figured out the gaming market. The dont make anything new. Every single one of their games in the last 20 years has just been a more polished, improved, and just different enough of an existing game. And it works. They sell millions of copies to everything they pump out.

Granted I have played most of their games and they are quite fun. I cant think of another company that puts as much polish on their games as they do, and their games come out great.

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