An introduction & request

Howdy all,

As you may have noticed, I create an Intro post over in our Modding Resources area…

You should go check it out.

But, beyond what’s in that post - I wanted to take this chance to ask people interested in Modding to speak up. Use these forums to ask us about things - tell us what you want to hear about, ask us questions about systems or how things work, etc. Even if we can’t answer right away it will help us prioritize what and how we communicate moving forward.

I know there are other places out there with info and discussions - and that’s great, I probably lurk a few of them :wink: But this place, is the only place you’ll find me address questions or provide info. Most often if it’s not a brief response or similar, it’ll be a new post under Resources meant to do the same thing.

If your question is really just a complaint re-phrased (‘what were you thinking…?’, ‘why did you…?’, etc) - it probably won’t result in any sort of response. But otherwise - be generic (‘why is the sky blue?’) or really specific (‘what does parameter X in this thing do?’), whatever level of things you are working at right now, we’re interested to hear it.

So get to it… what are you wondering? What do you want us to explain?

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Hi BitVenom,

Firstly I would like to thank you and Gearbox for the support you’ve shown for the modding community thus far.

The first question I have has to do with how weapon damage is calculated - in Homeworld Remastered weapon files that spawn a sphereburst weapon effect are doing a lot more damage than their indicated value if the sphereburst effect is flagged with the “miss” trigger in the parent weapon file. This effects missile and proximity burst weapons and significantly alters the balance of many of our mods. Was this an intentional change or is it just a bug? If it is an intentional change, a quick guide explaining how we can revert damage calculation for sphereburst weapons would be very helpful for those of us looking to port existing HW2 mods into Remastered.

Secondly, tutorials for converting existing Homeworld 2 ship HODs to Homeworld Remastered HOD standards (including the formats and standards for textures, glow, team and normal maps) would be very helpful.

Tools for data->HOD are coming. data->HOD. Not HOD->data. I can’t say more than ‘very soon’. In order for those tools to be used effectively we’ll have to explain what data they want on the in, and how to create it. That’s no small amount of data, it’s a positively massive amount of information.

‘old’ HOD files->data is a tool I think I may have to create that will save everyone some time. I know what I want it to do, and I know it will be of great value to lots of Mods looking to bootstrap into the new engine. But I haven’t made it, and really can’t guess when I will. ‘soon’ is fair. But to be clear, such a tool does not exist at this moment.

I’ve said it before, and I will say it over and over - Mod groups or artists looking to get involved really need to prepare to share their raw assets if they want to collaborate. Tearing apart assets built for in-game is both lossy and likely to be less and less possible. As we patch things, add features, refine systems the fact that people are ‘borrowing’ old versions is going to lead to crashes, failures, multiplayer issues, etc. Having well-formed data in a pre-game format will resolve most of that. If we tweak a format (expect it a few times) - our own tools will make the jump easy. If we add new features, our tools and examples will show you how it goes. Many times it won’t be safe to reverse that process, or it will be lossy and an insane pain to get right or working.

Hey Battlecry, I’ll look into it, I have a lot on my plate at the moment and I’m juggling writing up documentation for this here Great Modding Experiment. We know getting ships into the game is what everyone is most looking forward to but my plan is to start with something smaller so that we can refine our information and example pipeline and practice this feedback loop before we get into the heavy stuff.


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Dunno if it was here or the new modders resource area you wanted us to post bitvenom.

Anyhow a few questions on modding if you can and i ask this now rather than before because we now can extract the big files now and recompile them and get them working now.

  1. Since homeworld 1 doesnt come with taiidan to play as a race is it actually possible to mod it so that it is once again and if so how would one go about it in general.

  2. We know ballisitcs method of combat isnt in hwrm, thats fine but i was wondering is it actually possible to make a mod which can make ballistics work in hwrm and if so what would be involved in general.

  3. Formations, is it possible to have formations work more closely to hw1 classic in hwrm if so what in general should we be looking at in the big files to changing to get formations to stay in formation when firing so they dont break up and scatter. Also corvette walls, what is possible with getting the old style corvette attack in wall formation back so they circle and use their turrets to attack instead of scattering or needing to face a attacker. Which files per say would u need to look at etc.

  4. If we wanted to mod repair corvette and support frigates so they can have a longer reach repair beam so they didnt need to be so close and can heal a wider area instead of just 1 ship at a time but more of a heal a group better, how would one go about it?

I dont expect full on detailed answers but a very brief summary of what could be involved in each question would be appreciated in a few sentences or paragraph.


How was fuel implemented for the kadeshi swarmers and can the same thing be used to implement fuel for a mod?

I’m traveling today, but will try to answer some of these before the day’s end…

A bunch of random questions since toolset is forthcoming for the hods and such

  1. is the best way to modify a ships stats with a ship .lua to use the sob group functions on the custom sobgroup or is
    there more direct access to the ship stats using shipid?

  2. How stable for multi play is ‘local random’ in a ship .lua?

It looks like the drone frigate uses this, but just curious as to thoughts on scalability

  1. Is there a way to tweak the EMP refresh rate or timeout once it has dropped below zero? any undocumented extensions to the “addshield” ability?

  2. Any major changes to/ or improvements in the collision mesh of the new hods? also it looks like my subsystem shield hack still works okay

  3. is it possible to make a heal weapon (negative damage) or area effect now that force attack can target friendlies? this should be accomplishable via ship .lua otherwise

  4. in attack scripts is straightandscatter and pealoff and breakimmediately the only option for break formation? Is there an option to ‘notbreakformation’ ?

  5. can a custom ATI be attached to a ship and text updated by the ship. lua? It looks like there are some special ability bars in the ati file, but if we wanted to display text?

my mind is spinning over the new ship .lua possibilities and UI functions and ‘specialtactics’ / ‘specialattacks’ buttons that can be added especially if the two can be combined (Mikali already talked about a rogue like, probably could do a moba if this stuff works together)


In the original Homeworld 1, at least the original release (IDK about classic) it was possible to increase rendering distance by editing the “tweak.script” file, specifically the following variables:


and the

However, after a certain distance rendering for ship and object models would cease; it appeared as though the background was being drawn in front of them, cutting them off.

Do you or anyone else know what causes this in the original code, and whether or not it’s something which can be overcome in Classic?

Alright guys - I know I said ‘ask us stuff’ - but I think I should have been WAY more clear:

  • Create a new thread (maybe prefix it with QUESTION) - for each item (unless a small cluster are very very related). It is very hard to answer questions from a thread with many people asking many questions each. One-per thread will help keep stuff on topic, and also make editing the answer post (the author can edit their question to show the answer, or we can I guess) - much easier. So people later coming to find info will see a question and the answer (if found) right at the top.

  • It is very likely impossible to answer a ‘how would you?’ - Collectively the Mod making community will come up with solutions and document them. I can’t spend time trying to create hypothetical solutions for various things. This is especially true if the request isn’t in my area (UI/graphics/tools). Generally if you ask about scripting/lua/game-sim stuff - that will take longer to answer (if at all) because the people most likely to frequent here (myself/cole) aren’t experts in that area.