An invisible platform in overgrowth that only benedict can get to

I’ve been up there with Mellka and Attikus.

A. Silly Pendles. He had like 8 health.
B. Very interesting. Good to know for him and Caldarius.
C. This’ll make up a bit for his recent nerf.
D. @Jythri @joekgbx

I’ve even seen Deande get up there.
It’s not really that useful since you’re so out in the open but it’s a little funny.

Lots of character can go up there. Some with helix and some without
Attikus, Benedict, Caldarius, Deande, Ernest, ISIC, Kleese?, Mellka, Orendi?, Pendles, Phoebe, Thorn? and Whiskey


A lot of characters can get up there but who would it help the most?
Rhetorical question