An invitation to the devs - Come play Meltdown: Finale with us!

So the devs have mentioned that they played Meltdown: Finale in-house and all agreed that it was a great new change. As is to be expected the community is split, for now, some are for the new Meltdown and some against it. So what better way to promote a mode that the devs like and think is a good new direction than to play it with us?! I would like to extend an invitation to devs on all platforms (I know some play on PS4) to join us for a few weekends (I’m sure you’re too busy to play games during the week) and play the new mode that you all like with the community who is divided and skeptical, maybe even chat with us and/or party up with or against us!

Um, I don’t know who to tag so @Jythri @gRANT_ @JoeKGBX if you like this idea please spread the word around the office, perhaps we can even negotiate times and dates so we know when the dev team will be online! Thanks in advance guys, please consider this as a great way to promote your new mode, I know I’ll be there if you agree!


Is this a trap? This seems like a trap.

A trap bated with opportunity and coated in honeyed words.


:wink: Come play with us devs we won’t bite… We promise…


Poor Randy… Play with him not against him. When he says he’s an “Average” player he means it.


I’ve never fought him, and i hope i never do… Because it’ll probably be with Toby, and i can’t help but remember that Jythri controls the game.

The rational part of my mind knows that Toby won’t be nerfed into oblivion if i wreck the devs with him; but now that i’ve put the thought in your head, you’re wondering about poor El Dragon… Aren’t you?

EDIT: This is meant to be satirical, by the way. Not trying to insinuate an absurd conspiracy, or that Jythri would do anything of the sort.

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Can i at least nibble? just a little bit? i promise it wont be too much.

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Do you wanna play a game gearbox? or should I call you… FEARbox? :smiling_imp:


Both sides would have to make a compromise for matching up with Aussies cos of timezone @Slif_One

I think this is incredibly profound idea since the game mode is changing so drastically. By all means help guide us through and promote this new concept. Would be immensely impressive to see