An Iron Bear Request

Would it be too much to request that any Iron Bear weapon be able to trigger Vampyr?

I really like the railguns but they are are not splash weapons. It also does not help that vampyr is so far down the blue tree making it a harder perk to get.

Or if anyone else has thoughts on Iron Bear durability/sustainability feel free to add your thoughts.

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The V-35 is a grenade launcher it should trigger it.

I find the bubble shield helps a bit too.

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The tree that the rail guns are in should have additional bonuses given to Iron Bear’s sustain if they are not going to enable Vampyr to affect the non-splash weapons. Like Phalanx Doctrine could increase the total and current life of Iron Bear for every kill. Behind the Iron Curtain could give Iron Bear life regen. Tenacious Defense in combination with Security Bear could upon breaking the bubble restore a portion of the life to Iron Bear. I also think it was an oversight how Iron Bear’s claws don’t get treated as melee. You could use the Idol otherwise.

They took Iron Bear in the right direction with the patch, but it only encompasses a few of the augments at the moment. Hope they address it further.


The bubble definitely helps with sustain, but your own splash weapons also pop your bubble pretty quickly. Unless you are sniping with your Iron Bear augments, but in most scenarios you will be shooting stuff just at the perimeter of your bubble or inside it where your weapons will self-inflict damage to your bubble.


I think these ideas are pretty good.

I think they noted IB recovers health when it deals damage now. I can see it regain health when it fires with auto bear active.

Iron Bear’s splash/area damage has triggered Vampyr since the Nov. 21 patch/hotfix. It’s not all IB damage because that skill currently only triggers with splash damage.