An load out and inventory system I could have wished for

It would have been nicer to have proper load outs, with the ability to spec skills unique to each one and with its own tab of inventory.

At 40 slots (on ps4), the back pack and bank wheeze and labor with load times approaching a minute. This is beyond bad in UX terms… it should normally be considered unusable.

A tabbed system like above could keep the number of viewable items down to something manageable like 10 / 15 slots.

A tabbed system in the bank would have also helped organize gear and sped viewing.

In its current form, even comparing two items is excruciating in no small measure to load times. But on top of this, the menuing system reformats itself depending on what is viewed, often losing place, forcing the player to -again- find the relevant items.

Whatever the devs had on hand to create the UI had to have been the worst pile of doodey.