An objective look at orendi's level 10 mutation

at high levels of play, a good orendi is simply three times as strong as anyone in the game due to her level 10 mutation. there is very little room for counterplay when it autolocks to everyone in the remote area and one shots everyone. i literally just got one shotted, or was left with maybe 100 health like 5x in one game by an orendi that didnt even know i was there half the time. im talking like well over 2k dmg in less than a second. i am all about characters having some sweet skills, but just autolocking to everyone without her having to aim it in any way and one shotting everything cant possibly be the desired intent with it. i saw it literally one shot 3 players at once that were at least 30 ft apart…

i understand the whole early game, late game strength mechanic that varies with each character, but orendi is by no means weak at any point in the game. she has one of the best wave clears in the game, so she cant be weak at any point

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she is also extremely squishy. and btw melee characters do the same thing in a second as well. Its very balanced


The only thing that “autolocks” is the shadow pillars on that mutation AND you can just move from their spawn spot, you still have to aim Paradigm and even then, the auto lock is very finicky.
So and while Paradigm is indeed very strong, you probably just encountered a good Orendi …

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this just isnt the case. rath pretty much gets one easy button kill, sometimes two with his ult, but he at least has to aim it and land a knock up first. phoebe gets an ult that really can only ohk one squishy from full health at level 10. and it requires great placement and use of her slow field as well which also must be placed. orendi has an autolock. ive seen it far too many times to call it anything else. read the description if you wish of her level 10 mutation.

it is pretty easy to try to move away from it when she is within your field of view and you know she is there. but she can be top mid on a map like paradise and ult the lane and easily, VERY easily get triples for days.

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sorry, i dont follow you

I guess you’ve never used Orendi.



Are you attempting to imply that Orendi is OP? I’m done.


not implying it, nor saying it directly. and no, i have not played her but am going to start playing her because she is the strongest player in the game late game. i do not think she is overpowered, but i do think that her level 10 mutation is broken. we dont have to agree on that. i am a pretty good player at this game, and my team was full of good players. we were probably on a 15 game win streak, and didnt lose the game in question either. but the orendi did in fact get about 3-5 doubles and triples in a row once she hit level 10. half the time she probably wasnt even sure where everyone she killed was at.

Okay let me just say pretty much everyones level 10 helix upgrade is extremely strong. Mutations or not. Orendis is not broken. Just strong.

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i agree that level 10 mutations are strong, but give me an example of one that is even remotely close to being able to one shot 3-4 players from full health without aiming? they can be spread out, they just have to be on one side of the map.


Positives for pillar fall mutation
When using Orendi’s ult a shadowfire pillar spawns directly above all enemy battleborn in range. This means more damage on ult. Woo! More damage! Potentially, a S**tload of damage.

You have to be very patient for maximum efficiency upon activating her ult. (I guess this is true for just about every ult but this upgrade just increases the idea.)
Upon casting the ability enemy battleborn can easily walk 3 feet in any direction in order to avoid the shadow fire pillars initially casted above them.
You miss out on instant shadowfire pillar cooldown upon ult activation. (Favorite combo: Two pillars, nullify, two more pillars, ult, two more pillars. If all of that hit any battleborn. THEY’RE DEAD.)

I’ve been using Orendi since the Closed Technical Test and I haven’t heard many complaints of her being OP. Well at least not as many as some. (I’m looking at you Galilea) Orendi’s ult with the pillar fall mutation may have insane numbers but that’s literally it. No slow, no DoT, no huge AoE, no heal/damage resist etc.


I don’t quite follow, how were you one shot by an Orendi that didn’t know you were there?

The description of the skill says that a shadow fire pillar is placed under the feet of any nearby players.

Shadowfire pillars are strong but they’re nowhere near strong enough to kill a Battleborn in one hit. On the other hand If you were instead hit by the direct blast from Paradigm Shift then the Orendi must have known you were there as its fired in a straight line in front of her and you don’t use your Ult unless you know it’s going to hit something.


ill take a screenshot next time. she did over 2k dmg to 3 of us at once. some can die from that straight away, while others are left one shot and die from a brisk breeze. this was coupled with two legendary gear, which further amplifies the problem.

let me create a scenario. so lets say orendi is top mid on paradise. she sees or battleborn around the accelerator preparing to get the shepherd overshield to clear a wave. she is not able to see a person that just so happens to be coming down from the healing station hill that just left the healing station. that player is not visible to her is she is simultaneously looking at the guy by the accelerator, and definitely not able to see a guy that is beyond the turret pushing the wave, and maybe even the guy on top right that is grabbing shards. she literally can do over 2k dmg to all 4 of those players. it is literally impossible to see all see and aim at all those players at the same time. even if she is able to see them to get a rough estimate of where they are, the issue is that she does not have to aim and can do that aoe across all of those aforementioned areas. that is so not even close to comparable to any other ult in the game

Just out of curiosity was one of the legendary items Voxis Core?

I was killed by an Orendi using Voxis Core yesterday. When I died it simply said 1400 damage dealt by Voxis core in 1.3 seconds.

No one else on my team died but that item seems pretty broken to me.

I have never one shotted enemies who had full health and shield with that mutation. its close but its not an instant kill. Now if they are at 75% health yes they die if hit. But if enemies are sitting close by to one another pretty much anyone with an aoe ultimate can either one shot the or kill them in about 4 or 5 seconds

Damn, time to get that PentaKill Achievement… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The only way I can see this being remotely possible is if and IF there’s a “glitch” with her legendary lore item. It mention if you miss a shadow fire pillar the next one will do 25% more damage.

Potentially you could just miss over and over and over and stack it to infinity IF the gear works that way. I don’t think it does and if it does you would have to wait a while and do no damage because literally all of Orendis damage comes from her ult and shadow fire pillars.

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This, Voxis is probably the culprit altough the damage done by Voxis itself might not be accurate, since we all know the death-recap can sometimes make no sense.
At level 10 with a little gear, Shadowfire pillars deal 800-900 damage (preamble of pain) So pillarstorm could nuke you that hard BEFORE a 1000~ damage paradigm shift melts you. Could also be her legendary lore item at play.
Orendi is early game feast, late game beast. More than any other character in the game, she is dedicated wholly to burst AoE damage with a single minded focus. Let her be good at it, okay?

Ehhhh…by design AoE and Burst should never really be in the same sentence.

Burst should be the realm of single target damage. AoE has always been, at least in damn near every other game in existence, weaker on damage than ST because it hits multiple people. This is regardless of it being a DoT mechanic or a instant damage ability.

I’m not saying Orendi has issues or not, just an observation on how balance usually works in regards to bursting and AoE’s.