An Ode to Zane, a poem by studdugie

When the BL3 universe was young and Zane was at the bottom of the rung, you and I were there.

When everyone said our boyo was weak and that he had a clone that could not speak, you and I were there.

When the Kings/Queens call got nerfed and the slacker FL4Kers lost their crackers :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: and railed and wailed because the not having to reload ship had sailed, you and I were there.

When the Moze brigade went on a tirade due to the nerf of infinite 'nades, you and I were there.

While Amara tied and bound without a sound and fake-grasped her way to godhood, you and I were there.

We were there toiling away with Zane though some thought we were insane because he was too weak to rise to fame.

But for us it wasn’t about power. It was love.

Despite his many flaws Zane gave us pause and cause to play a game whose rules are insane and whose balance commitment is non existent.

So now that he is all powerful let’s not be sorrowful and let us also not glower but instead use our purple power to shower destruction in our wake because we don’t need to fake … grasp at the brass ring to be the vault hunter king!

All hail Zane whose damage is insane and whose ease of use produce jealousy in those who don’t have a giant erect phallic symbol of their own on their left shoulder or on their clone. :grin:


Little nit picks Amara is still super strong since fakegrasp fix really only effects anointments. I believe she can still build stacks from her skills with it like her rush stacks. Moze well iron bear is just as ridiculous as her nades use to be. Lastly Fl4k well they have always been in a great place even without king/queen call or before their nerfs. Other then that nice poem I guess?


Its ironic. I main Zane and played him through the game when he was neglected and overlooked. Now that GB finally acknowleged him, I lost interest in the game and pretty much quit this game just as they dropped season 2. Maybe if GB didn’t wait over a year to fix him I could be happy like you. But I guess it was just too little too late for me.


My main,
Ridin’ the train,
To the hall of fame…
With the purple tree,
Even without the dead&see,
Enhanced red&see,
Anointments to be,
Bosses to farm,
Psychos to harm,
With his charm
And Sntnl from the arm
Swaping the clone,
Or using the drone,
Staying inside the dome,
Freezing the zone,
Activating action skills,
To have faster kills,
While he chills
On hills…
With a Fastball,
Or a Rowan’s Call
We’ve seen his fall
And his rise on the pole.

Zane Flynt poem two


“Y’all better write me one hell of a drinking song” wished Zane at death door
studdugie did even better


I like the whole thing overall but the lyricism in the quoted stanzas below is particularly sublime. :heart_eyes:

Nicely done! :partying_face:

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Nicely done, sir!
I always felt for the boyo nation when Zane was meh.
No Gbx just turned it the other way around …
Infinity Zane vs Monarch Fl4k makes me sad. Happy for you though!

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I mean if we compare just the base game skill trees FL4K is still excellent lbr. Even Amara has uhhh Phasecast or whatever.

Trapper sucks because a bad skill tree was the only thing FL4K was missing compared to the other scrub–I MEAN Vault Hunters and even then, can any other character AFK Guardian Take Down? I think not :sunglasses:

While that comparison is true, I don’t see why 3 excellent trees and a trash one (that I paid additionally for) are a good package.
Sadly, it is also true that the only thing Fl4k was missing, was a bad tree. And they delivered handsomely on that …

I genuinely cannot tell if that is irony or not. Maybe because English is not my native language. But in case it’s not: Have you seen Moze or Zane AFK just about anything in the game? Pet Fl4k is far from AFK’ing to the degree they can. While also dishing out more damage and having access to horrible life steal.
Ask @Boombumr about that whole AFK part and he will lose his temper (ok, I might exaggerate here a bit :-)) but if he would, it were for a good reason.

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The Operative
Puts the R in RPG
with MNTIS Cannon

It’s not, I’m just trying to poke fun at the mystifying decisions that led to FL4K’s 4th tree being the way it is. I also wrote this post after not sleeping for 24 hours so that’s probably why it reads like a mess, SORRY GUYS

it’s ironic but i also didn’t think it out, like, at all, so i don’t blame anyone for getting confused :woozy_face:

anyway the important thing is, Zane got something good enough to inspire poetry and that’s lovely…even if it took a year and $15 to get to this point.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

It’s all good. That’s what I was thinking anyway. Wasn’t sure though. That’s why I asked :slight_smile:

Zane only i’m play. Your ode to Zane. It is inzane. Zane for life (ZER0 GANG Borderlands 2, MORDECAI for 1). Assassin 4 L1f3. And without the clone no one is holding it now.

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I was gunner for a whole year right lol then nearly took FL but my god…

This “mantis cannon no sheild hey I can run faster than bullets lyf” has taken my world by storm.

COV couldn’t hit a cows are with banjo.