An old tactical trick missing

So I had a quick look at the multiplayer via skirmish vs. CPU for Homeworld remastered and I noticed an old trick missing. In Homeworld Classic it used to be possible to dock 10 fighters and 4 corvettes on a support frigate and then order the frigate to jump to an area, and the frigate would wait for all units to dock before initiating hyperspace, carrying all strike craft with it.

Was wondering if this was omitted due to balance concerns or something?


I think that it might be a bug or something to do with fuel that does not exist in HWRM

It isn’t in the code anymore, you have to remember this is a modified HW2 engine, that was never possible in HW2, it doesn’t work because the base code needed for it isn’t in the game. It may be possible that the changes they are putting in will help resolve this but I don’t know. This is not the first time the issue has been brought up.

There’s a specific reason that one was nuked. I think it related to HW2-race exploits - like docking a full Vaygr compliment. So if you teamed with a Kushan, you could do CRAZY ■■■■. It may actually return after the balance patch is released… as some of that is no longer an issue. The ship’s ability when not exploited is perfectly fine, and as it used to work with only HW1 units it wasn’t broken, it was just good planning.

It’s also worth noting that that wasn’t a feature. If I recall correctly, it was completely accidental and was a bug, and the devs just left it in because it was cool. :slight_smile:

correct the problem is that with the current build you can dock 10 strike craft squads and 4 corvette squads (docking is handled at squad level, not ship level) so a single frigate could HSJ up to 60 fighters and 16 corvettes

seems like it wouldn’t be too hard to just give those two sets of ships different dock families and not allow them to latch to support frigates.

there is another solution at hand and way more elegant, set the docking hold at ship level instead of squad which AFAIK is the solution being implemented among some other goodies