An open invitation to the borderlands community

Hello. My name is thefaceofboe. I prefer if you call me Face, Boe, or Slacker. My purpose with this thread is to invite PC players to play with me. I would like to just let you know about me and how I play quick and then I will drop my steam name for you to friend me on.

I am a long time borderlands fan who has enjoyed the series on my roommates Xbox. I played the heck out of the first two games and when I moved out, bought them both on PC. At the moment I’m only playing TPS and am not available for co-op on the previous titles. I currently have played 267 hrs of TPS including all side-missions/main missions of the base game.

I am a windows player (currently relevant as Mac/Linux is out of sync as of posting time) located in the midwest of the United States. I have the base game, the season pass, and the shock drop slaughter pit. I have started a play through with all the vault hunters and they are at varying levels the lowest is Lvl 6 and the highest is Lvl 50 and rising. At the moment I am focused on getting TimoJack to level 60.

There are a few things that I will not do. I will not dupe or gib gear for anyone. Sometimes I will allow a lower level in for high exp gains because I can usually take on 2 player mobs on by myself, but I will not power level you. Sometimes I do like to play solo or have more specific objectives, so I ask you send me a message on steam before you join my game.

My steam name is SlackerBoe and if you want someone to play co-op with feel free to send me a friend request there. I am currently on a Grimm watching binge, but will probably be playing later on tonight and I will be playing this game for a good amount of time going forward.

Do you have Teamspeak?

I do not use a mic nor headphones.

Tell me Face of Boe, how do you play video games with no hands!?!?? D:

I am not alone

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Hey buddy, I’ve always wanted to play with a dude with multiple personality disorder, you sir (or sirs) have been added on Steam :cat: