An Open Letter to Gearbox (And Blackbird) Regarding Homeworld Remastered

Dear Gearbox and Blackbird

I’ve seen several threads highlighting the various bugs and issues that have cropped up since the release. Sadly, too many in my opinion are little more than people whineing and :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:ing. So, here I intend to lay out my own views in a constructive manner.
(Brace yourselves, this will be lengthy).

Let me begin by first saying what a cracking job you lads and ladies have done! I love Homeworld and seeing it like this has been the best thing in gaming for me in ten years.
It looks good, it sounds good and apart from the obvious issues, plays well.
However, there are a few things I’d like to point out in regards to HW1 which would make the experience all the better.

Ship Formations.
Yes, it’s been mentioned that the formations are not working as they should. Strike craft should remain in formation unless set to Evasive Tactics. The breaking up of formations has lowered the overall efficiency of my fleet. No doubt you’re already aware of the issue and are working on a fix, but I just thought I’d highlight it.

This is primarily in regards to Homeworld 1 campaign, but I would like to see a return of the Neutral and Evasive tactics. The HW2 set does not, in my opinion, go entirely well with the HW1 style of gameplay. While I can see it worknig more in alrget fleets, for individual strike craft formations, I find it essential.

I would prefer if research in the HW1 campaign to be free as it was in the original version. I understand it’s most likely due to the game mechanics, but I would at least like to see it simply with a timer rather than slow depletion of resources. Especially in the early missions, the resource income does not justify the research costs.

Ship costs.
Again, this is primarily aimed at HW1 Strike Craft, but I find the increase in cost an unnessesary change. This, coupled with the expensive invovled in research, limits how many Fighters & Corvettes I can build in the early missions. I could comfortably build a squadron of 7 Interceptors in Mission 1 and in Mission 2, construct 7 Light Corvettes & 5 Heavy Corvettes in preperation for Mission 3, with enough spare resources to afford at least two Repair Corvettes & Salvage Corvettes. Now, I could only afford 5 Interceptors. I would rather see Interceptors costing 55 RUs rather than the current 100.

Those are the majority of the issues I wanted to highlight. There are other issues such as sound bugs and other glitchesles which I’m sure will be fixed in time.

I will finish by highlighting a rather amusing bug I found just today. By skipping the cutscenes to the first mission of HW1, I found myself with two Motherships and accompanying fleet.

Once more, great job Gearbox and Blackbird! Keep up the good work


P.S. Other users please do not leave vulgar, inflammatory or any other unpleasent comments. Keep your replies civil, even if you disagree with me.


Mother of god.


There’s a few other things I’d like to see as well, such as the option to Hyperspace in HW2 at the end of the mission being your choice, not automatic. They implemented it for HW1, so I see no reason it being impossible to add to the HW2 campaign.

I’m also of the mind that the HW1 corvettes are a little too fast. I can understand the Taiidani corvettes being faster but the Kushan… ehh, the more lumbering corvettes helps show a race not as familiar with spacecraft as their enemies.
Finally, I’d rather HW1 assault frigates be more geared towards anti-corvette duty rather than Strike Craft in general. Both sides already have plenty of anti-fighter capability.

They would have plenty of anti-fighter capability if corvettes didn’t act like they have 360 degree turrets like hw2 gunships.


Totally agree. Kushan corvette flight AI is borked to hell. They can’t aim and often don’t even fly in the right direction.

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More like: Mother of Ship!

Definitely have to agree on the research. It never used to cost anything… why does it now? I know you’re probably trying to emulate other RTS games that always made you pay for new tech, but Homeworld isn’t other RTS games. Might I suggest (for the remastered edition) a simple checkbox for… let’s call it “Traditional Gameplay Mechanics”. This is in tandem with the increase in ship costs.

Concerning Ship Formations, I would have to agree on this one too. I’ve always been a big utilizer of the Sphere formation but now it doesn’t seem to matter much as the ships just do whatever they want during an attack. Am I fleet ‘Command’ or fleet ‘Suggestion’. Please correct this.

Concerning tactics, I can live without neutral, but evasive definitely needs to come back. I can remember getting through a battle by the skin of my teeth thanks to evasive tactics. Not saying they should be cowards but they should prioritize ship survival over causing damage.

I would also like to see the Hyperjump button placed in its original positioning, out of the way. Just because we complete all mission objectives doesn’t mean we’re ready to jump. I remember hanging out in an area for extended periods of time just to ensure all possible research was done and all available RUs were collected and ships salvaged. The current placement of the Hyperjump button just gets in the way.

Also, as if anyone is playing the old versions, why isn’t it a possibility to select higher resolutions (especially wide-screens) in the ‘classic’ or original editions of the game? I seem to remember a simple method of editing a settings file that would let the game use different aspect ratios by just typing in your screens resolutions. You’ve obviously altered some code, why not add simple screen ratio detection to it.

Great job aside from these minor issues.


Having the button in a corner would be a better idea, yes?
Clearly there but unobtrusive.

Lol, that last bug is funny,

I have been enjoying the remakes, not even that bothered by things like formations I have been waiting for this game for years and I mostly happy with it. TBH gearbox didn’t need to do any of this, they didnt even need to buy the rights nor did they have to remaster it, they could have just done a rerelease just so it worked on modern systems, they certainly didnt need to allow blackbird to use the name rights.

The only issue I have is this damn save bug issue where if you load a saved game (usually autosave) while in the game then it seems to mess up objectives as in they dont appear or completed objectives dont update meaning you cant move forward. Had this issue in miss 6, 9 and now Im stuck on 10. Wasnt an issue with mission 6,9 as I was just going back to check something.

Also it appears that if ur research ship is destroyed and then rebuilt several missions later you can do the missed research, mine was destroyed in miss 6 and then rebuilt in 9 and I cant now do multigun corvettes.

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I won’t buy this game until the Taiidan are playable again.

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The research is one I dont really have too much of an issue with. They added more resources to SP to counter the cost. The only problem with it is how you need to do so much research/waiting for a HW1 fleet while a HW2 fleet can just build a construction facility and get the base group of ships pumping out.

Formations and flight mechanics are something that really needs fixing. Claw formation was pretty important, as was the ability for strikecraft to fly in one direction while pointing in another (or to just flip over and turn around). The current fighter battles now are pretty poor.

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Your loss.


I honestly hadn’t noticed an increase in resources but then again it’s been a while so I guess I just wasn’t looking. Even so, it does change the dynamic of the game, making the building of multiple research facilities a waste of money.

I think the resource increase is to do with:
A. To allow players to build ships to deal with the increased enemy threats bought on by the dynamic difficulty
B. Because research costs RU’s now

For those complaining about research costing money, this is a design decision that members of the original team decided to make They thought paying is better than not paying, as the new engine doesn’t allow the same functions as the old one in terms of research anyway. They were quite clear on that before launch, if you bothered to look.


You will never see the fighters flip over and fly back on themselves ever again. That is not a bug, that is HW1 flight AI, but the team decided to use the HW2 flight AI that never did that, so flipping over is no longer an option.

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When compounded with the other issues people are reporting, I don’t think it’s much of a loss. If these issues are fixed, the game will become worth my money. Otherwise It’s not.

I was hyped up for a remastered edition of both games, but instead it looks like we get a remaster of HW2, with a halfassed HW1 campaign tacked on with all the issues and removed features from HW2 still present.

Removing the Taiidans as a playable race is just icing on the cake.


I haven’t even played the HW2 part of RE yet. Though i am sure that it will play identical to the classic version just as i remember it.

I think through the frustration i see in a lot of post people do not want HW-RE to fail. They want HW-RE to succeed. As do I. If things in HW1-RE are now HW2 “hard coded” (in other words they can not be changed) we need to know this so we can adjust, and adapt. It may not necessarily be a bad thing. Just “different”, and will take some getting used to. As was said by many people The visuals are just brilliant. It is the changed game play of HW1, and glitches that people are taking issue with. It was bound to happen.

There will always be bugs, and glitches. I hope GB does see that some of these glitches are legit, and work to remedy these issues. In the mean time people need to report these issues in a constructive manor. So that GB recognizes them, and provides fixes in future patches.


Well, I think things like a lack of physically simulated projectiles, which was in HW1 but not in two, is a serious problem. Especially considering that modern computers can handle it trivially. They shouldn’t have baked HW2’s limitations into the remastered edition, rather made a new engine that has all the features of both games.

Homeworld 2 had a lot of problems, remastered retroactively applies them to HW1.


@major stress

I agree, I think too most people want hw remastered to be a success and most people are very pleased with the remastered assets. But, I don’t think we should accept massivly changed hw1 game mechanics with the argument “it’s hardcoded in the hw2 engine” as , infact, it is not. Gearbox has the source code for hw1 and hw2 so a porting over of game mechanic aspects is totally possible and feasible.

PS: or, as maybe most simple and free of costs variants for GBX, GBX could do it like relic did and release the source code of the updated engine to the community (and not the valuable remastered assets) to let the community do it themself. (If you have questions about a licensing model which would work for this case, I can provide support & recommendation)


You will be missed. You’re seriously whining about the Taiidan as your sole purpose for not buying the game? The Taiidans were originally an afterthought, obviously. Yeah, you could play with Taiidan ships in the campaign but it’s not as if it was a campaign turned into being about them. It was more of a skin than anything else.

So yeah, I’m sure we’ll all not notice you not being on the advanced multiplayer and you can just check out YouTube if you want to experience the full spectrum of the upgraded graphics and audio.

Here’s one interceptor for me… and one for my homies…

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