An open thank you for some well done, much needed changes

I just want to take some time to actually voice my thanks ad approval for several changes that were announced, and one very great change i did not hear a specific announcement about but have definitely noticed.
@JoeKGBX @Jythri

firstly, thank you for nerfing at least a few of the overpowered legendaries. I do not think that class-specific gear, or special perk gear belongs in a competitive setting. I look forward to you guys balancing or out right removing all legendary gear from at least one set of pvp playlists in the future. until that day comes, you have definitely nipped the worst offenders so far. cant wait til the game is 100 pct about decisions and composition, and less and less about loadouts.

thank you for the alani changes. i was reading the update patch notes absolutely disgusted that you guys had not followed through with your alani balancing that you had promised. then in a complete surprise you worked a little magic on that powerhouse. she is still the strongest character in the game without question, but at least now i dont have to be 3x better than her to counter her. i still have high hopes that you will rework geyser in a future update, but for now i am really happy that you addressed one of the top 3 issues with her: her dps. now, like i said, if geyser and her ability to receive way unbalanced cooldowns gets a rework down the road, she will be in a great place. still 3x better than any other hybrid support in every way, but definitely huge steps in the right direction.

as for the change i have noticed that was not announced, thank you for widening the search for matchmaking. i play on console in the US and was sitting in queue sometimes indefinitely due to a relatively high elo. now i am able to find games almost instantly anytime. and it is really cool because there are a few people from each skill level on both teams in every game. right when the elos were really getting established and matchmaking was tight, not only would i wait a long time, but the game were far too sweaty to be able to sustain enjoyment from them. having a mixed team is a blast

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Lol here we go with Alani again.

We don’t have to… although I personally have a masochistic relish for conversing in Beckettian loops that take us absolutely nowhere. I am thinking of making a thread to ask for advice on playing Alani… but my fear is it will just be swarmed with nerf arguments.

OP, totally agree with you about matchmaking. I barely have any delays now. It’s great!

I would like to see some buffs appear in the game fairly soon though. Nerfing game-breaking aspects is necessary but giving characters like Whiskey Foxtrot a bit more power might help people feel more energised about the game.

First of all, you’re very welcome for the changes. We had been working on those for a while and it seems like, by and large, people are happy with them.

Your quote above is a good example of why we need everyone to be patient as we make balance decisions. These things are never done or decided on in a day and just because things aren’t changed instantly doesn’t mean we aren’t listening and working towards improvements! Sometimes, it just takes a little time.


You commented earlier on a thread I made re: matchmaking unbalance; didn’t know you were on console. I can see you having a totally different playing field than the Pc base now… From the scuttlebutt I read and hear I think consoles fair a decent amount better in regards to player count (not saying the matchmaking wasn’t broken with queu times across the board before).

For that reason I’m glad you can play more, as we Pc players can too; however with a significantly less amount of players on our end our matches are still a crap shoot of unbalanced teams. Wish it was more mixed like your fairing.

I like where Alani is at now imo; if anything I’d like to see other hybrids like Ambra be a little more deadly, but that’s just cause I like her a lot!

Good post, glad you’re happy!

Well I for one am quite disappointed with the direction you all have chosen in regards to balancing this game post launch, with the exception of the changes implemented for PvP modes. Especially the way in which you all prioritize issues.



Is that like Oscar Mikeian ???

And Joe…I like the changes too. Keep up the fire!

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Well I was thinking of the Irish playwright (author of “Waiting for Update” I think) but as we know Oscar Mike is a poet so, maybe… :slight_smile:

The one thing I wish about the Alani update is that they hadn’t reduced her range so much, which I’m finding makes her healing a lot less reliable (at least when I’m playing her - but take my views with a strong pinch of salt because as John knows I’m not exactly a credit to team in PvP). If I could see my team’s health bars it would make being an effective healer with the new Alani better? Just my experience.