An overhaul to difficulty

so, there have been enough posts about how aweful mayhem modifiers are and how pointless weapon scaling is and so on
some of these things could be fixed with little tweaks but would probably still not address the problem that GBX is actually trying to add more “difficulty” to the game, without just increasing the sponginess of enemies

i think that you could take the core ideas of some of the modifiers and implement them in an immersive way without making people rolling their “favourite ones” which basically destroys the idea of making things more dangerous

from the start of the game, you could choose a difficulty that you could change however, so you are not forced to redo your character because it becomes boring or undoable

normal vault hunter mode: this could be the “easy” setting (what ever it does, i dont know)

true vault hunter mode: this is the standard setting that most players are choosing for a new game

mayhem mode: this would change a lot of things to the game, making enemies more dangerous and harder to kill

beasts can spawn as rabid beasts, increasing their speed, damage and HP

badasses can spawn as super badasses, increasing their damage(?) and HP

psychos can spawn with helmets on, preventing you from dealing critical damage or reducing your critical damage to them

maliwan troopers can spawn with healing drones that heal their attached target and search for a
new one when it dies (much more healing than the current ones to also replace buddy system)

guardians have a chance to be respawned instantly when killed

NOGs could throw laser spinners (wouldnt that actually fit them?)

ultimate mayhem mode: plays like mayhem mode and adds increased enemy health and damage on top of it

maybe there could be a way for the crazy 1 shot-people to further increase enemy hp because there are always people breaking the game, even if most people dont enjoy sponges
but i think that it would add more to the game to “reduce” the buttons that players can press to “adjust their own game” and actually provide some challenge without breaking the immersion and consistence of the game


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