An Unofficial BL2 Loot Hunt 2017

XInterested in a month long hunt with the same rules applied to the Twitch week long event? No awards given, just bragging rights and you would play by the honor system using uploaded images. Bottom line, this is going to be a laid back, fun event. The event will begin on January 15, 2017 @ 10 am EST and run thru February 15, 2017 10 pm EST.


  • You must CREATE A NEW CHARACTER and utilize it for the duration of the competition

  • You must COMPLETE Talon of God on Normal Vault Hunter Mode

  • ONLY ONE (1) ITEM Per Slot, No Duplicate Items for points

  • You may read only farm to obtain certain items while leveling up a character, only for those items with gun rolls. You may not Alt F4 / Dashboard farm things like the Moonshot, Treasure Room Questline, etc.

  • World Drops ARE ALLOWED
    This means that if you find an item on this list by killing a random enemy, opening a chest, from a Legendary Loot Midget, etc., you ARE allowed to count this item towards your progress.

  • Items from Slot Machines ARE ALLOWED

  • You may buy the RAID BOSS SERAPHS from NVHM/TVHM Seraph Vendors

  • Legendary Items from the Torgue DLC Vending Machines ARE ALLOWED (must buy these with Torgue Tokens)

  • Legendary/Pearlescent Items from vendors in the “Item of the Day” ARE ALLOWED (do not have to buy, just screen shot of item)

  • No Badass Rank

  • No Experience Point Exploits
    Including Test Dummy EXP Farming

  • Classic Hunt Rules Apply as far as Exploits/Glitches
    This includes bans on Damage Transfer via Pimpernel/Ahab or Flakker/Ahab, Morningstar Critical Hit Stacking, Respec Machine Rising Sh0t Stacking, Buck Up/Gaige Glitches, Amp Shield Damage Stacking, Axton Co-Op Speed Glitch, and no Out of Bounds.

You can keep track of your progress with the 2017 Hunt Checklist. The checklist is here (scroll to top of the post):
2017 Loot Hunt Checklist

I suggest to make a hard copy of the checklist to record your findings.

Please post your findings with a screenshot and place the appropriate point value next to it. Keep track of your points and I will tally them as well. At the end of the Hunt I will post the results.

Good luck and have fun!

@rja 's Unofficial BL2 Loot Hunt 2017 screenshots


That would actually revive the community, I’d love to participate to it !

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I´m in even though I don´t have the time to play as much as I want.

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I’d probably be up for an event like this.

I like this idea, as it gives everyone with other obligations a far more reasonable time period

So I will post the BL2 Scavenger Hunt to start on Jan. 15th and to run thru Feb. 15th. I want to stress that this is just for fun and to see who can collect the most items from the list.

[quote=“Sun_Tsunami, post:7, topic:1552824”]I want to stress that this is just for fun



I’m in.

I might give it a shot…

I’m up for this. I already copied the scoring worksheet as well as the rules. But I do not know how to take a screenshot instead ill just give updates based on the scoring worksheet.

I would like to try a melee character with this (i never played melee before), thinking of zero or krieg.

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Are you on console?

I’m potentially interested. I’m way too busy currently to participate in a week long event. I’m afraid I might be even more busy in a couple of weeks but in the off-chance that I’m not this might be fun to participate in.

Bumpity bump…I will set up an informal post for an unofficial loot hunt tomorrow. All are welcome to join.

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I have updated the post with rules.

A question- is the link to the checklist supposed to link back to this updated post?

Well, I didn’t know how to get the google doc,by itself, onto this post. So I just linked the post of the Twitch event here. If you go to the top of that post, you will find the blank 2017 loot Hunt list. Make a hard copy and keep score of your findings.

OK, got it- thanks…

Updated post with this issue. If anyone knows how to transfer the google doc to this post, let me know.



First Day Total: 30 pts.