An Update for Battleborn is Now Live (May 3rd, 2016)


oh darn ambra got nerfed (understandably) again :frowning: oh well if she becomes a glass cannon, then ill work with and around it

Ambra’s damage was already one of the lowest in the game, I would have changed the % of how much the beam stole but kept the damage the same. Caldarius getting buffed is good tho. I haven’t played with ghalt.

Looks good. thanks for fixing the heal beam aim assist issue.

Are these the only characters that GBX felt needed nerf/buff or these were the only ones that you had time to change since you wanted to roll out this patch asap (because of bug fixes or other reasons)?

Still no WF buff…


So they basically made a day one patch to fix some bugs that have been around since the beta? Also nerfing Ambra again! I agree with slowing down her escape ability, and if her life steal is a problem dumb that down she is not a tank after all. Loosing her range and damage makes her feel like shes is ok at everything but good at nothing. I mean without her life steal i would just have to heal myself, without my damage and range i am just an annoyance on the battlefield.

respectfully, but you did nothing to galilea? are you guys nuts?


I definitely feel like Galilea needs a bit of a nerf…

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way more than ambra for God’s sake. now yet another character is just meh. first it was phoebe, now it is ambra. meanwhile they leave galilea completely untouched and she is worse than phoebe or ambra were at their worst. i honestly think i am just going to quit complaining and just main her and go 20 and 3 until they do something

Scrolling a little further would’ve shown she has been.


We like Galilea’s ability to jump into combat and be a front line
tank. However, Galilea’s high attack damage promoted a much more
aggressive behavior so we reduced her attack damage and immediate health
regeneration. Reducing health regeneration maintains her ability to
mitigate lots of incoming damage but now requires more tactical decision
making then simply soaking damage and regenerating it all on a button

Reduced Level 4 Left Helix Augmentation Chaotic Infusion healing per second by 50%
Reduced Greatsword damage by 15%
Reduced Level 4 Right Helix Augmentation Forsaken Grounds damage by 33%
Reduced HP regen granted by Level 5 Left Helix Augmentation Last Light by 50%
Removed 100% movement speed from Level 10 Left Helix Augmentation Deeper Than Doubt

As for Ambra, the second nerf really seemed unnecessary. I have to agree the damage should’ve been left alone and only the amount of healing should’ve been messed with.


Na the damage was the issue a healer should heal, not lock on a beam that zaps your energy every bit as fast as say…Mikes AR. Requires no skill, Ambras were frequently going 20-2 etc in the Beta post-nerf.

Now the character functions as a Healer/Caster with decent melee damage. Now they gotta actually play their role, she can still get kills but she seems more in line with Miko atm…lol everyone is so used to easy mode they dont even TRY to melee yet :sweat_smile:

Havent run into any competant Gallys yet so we’ll see how she shakes out.


Was this update to be on steam? If so its been 5 hours since your posting and hasn’t shown up yet.

Is this update supposed to show up on our systems and download? Or are these patch notes to tell us what changed between beta and release?

where are you seeing this? i believe you, but it is not there on the top of this page

Anyone unable to matchmake in versus?

This was done during the beta. I think the OP was talking about a new nerf.

We mean her life draining ability should of been nerf so that she is easier to kill. She still has her healing orbs what should not be touched. As they have made her now she does less damage what means she life steals less, what means she is easier to kill. One thing nerf knocked her down several pegs.

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Good update. Ambra needed a nerf. Now you just need to buff Whiskey Foxtrot and everyone’s fairly balanced.


I still have several items that don’t work (either grayed out or unavailable during the game. Screenshots available.)

Also, after finishing the campaign ALL my characters now appear unlocked in the roster list yet they are unselectable before a game(appear locked). Therefore , I cannot see what it will take to unlock them normally.
Steam just validated all files successfully.

2 things on this list remain broken.

I am disappointed to say the least.
I enjoyed Ambra in Beta and she was the main reason I preordered the game.
Now not only is the win rate for the game harder (30% wins/70% loses) in story mode, but after finally unlocking Ambra she is not even worth the trouble.
For day one I have to say I got more headaches and frustration out of this game rather than enjoyment.