An Update For Battleborn is Rolling Out on PS4 Today, Monday June 5th, 2017

Yeah, I don’t really care who you are, a 21GB update (30 GB for some people) is BS. My opinion won’t change on that.

His point is you can’t blame a game for being a large download. A lot of people already have the game downloaded and didn’t need to wait 4 days. (Which would put you at well below 1 mb/s btw)

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I didn’t care that the game was a large download. I expect games to be large downloads. Not the updates. Keep up, please.

Why wouldn’t games be large updates? Every PS4 game updates the same way. The more files that are touched in an update on PS4, the larger the update is going to be. If a game has very frequent updates, then there are probably fewer touched files and therefore smaller updates. A game like Battleborn which hasn’t updated in months and is likely about to go through some large changes will have many or even most of it’s data updated, so it’s very possible for the update to be as large as the original game. It doesn’t mean that 21 GB of new data have been added, but you do need to download 21GB of data to replace the old data you already had.


Ah. So now we discover that there is something they can do to make things easier: a weekly update, instead of an update ever few months. Overwatch does it, and even with my “slow ass internet”… the updates finish within a few hours. A day at most.


Update complete. Waiting for Maintenance to the servers to be complete then I’ll explore the game a bit. Very excited about the stream tomorrow to see what else is hidden among those 21+ GBs of data.

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Because of how certificates work with Playstation, you can’t update every week. There are things they can change server side as hotfixes, but major updates might only be viable once a month. Even then that only gives them 2 weeks to study the changes they’ve made because they would need to put in another patch in order for it to be certified in time for the next month.

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I guess Overwatch must be magical, then. Smh.
Anyway, can’t wait to get back into the game at the end of the week…

Wow, no Melka love huh? I was hoping for at least a slight movement speed buff and 200-350 more starting health since she is being pushed more as a melee character. Oh well, still my favorite.

And Bolder still running amok untouched? I mean I like playing OP characters too but com’on!

Daddy is headed in a better direction. Health helps. So does CD reduction.

Past time to tone down Mantana and Earny.

Meh, I guess Kid did have it coming even though I love him.

I still feel that Gal could use more health sustain while in corruption, especially now that it is much harder to achieve, otherwise good job there. I guess the “Defender reduction” will help some though, so just have to see.

Whats with Deande’s Holotwin? I didn’t understand that.

Seriously though, Melka? Sheesh, I don’t even know what my favorite toon is anymore.

Not exactly the update I was expecting but thanks for remembering us die-hard Battleborn fans and keeping the game alive at least.

I was in the middle of downloading the update when my PS4 just turns off and now it won’t start.

Please tell me this is normal

Okay gearbox can you please explain to me why your update just broke my PS4?!?

seriously not cool

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Yes, Overwatch updates more frequently. Ever bothered to check how many of the patch changes are fixing bugs though?
63 mentions of “fixed” on the first page of patch notes.

Not saying Battleborns update schedule has been in any way acceptable or that they’ve been bug free, but the OW team is constantly fixing bugs introduced in the previous patches… Uprising patch completely broke a core part of one characters kit!

Quality over quantity my friend.


You’re the first one I see mentioning that issue. My update downloaded flawlessly. I’m hoping things work out for you, my fellow Kevin-main.


Crisis is over! :grinning:

After several minutes of panic and several hard resets and unplugging things my PS4 is working again.

Thank you gear box, we pushed through this crisis together.


Given this (note that the emphasis is mine):

Why is this posted in the PS4 Support category?


They posted platform specific, I started a discussion thread in the news section

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Oh! Oh! is this the title you made in my honour because im so great at everything I do?! No? Rip. back to crippling depression. One day…One day…

That’s a crazy long update time mine was less than an hour but trust me you’ll be happy you did it after playing for a while. It’s far superior to Overwatch in depth, strategy, and fun.

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you deserve this reward: the bird of wisdome


Kelvin: Fixed an issue with Level 6 Left Helix Augment Windchillthat prevented Kelvin from stunning more than three enemies

I thought this was intentional and it’s the reason I stopped using that helix a long time ago.

Holy poop I can seriously stun the entire battlefield now?!?
thank you gearbox

Galilea and Beatrix get nerfed and Kelvin gets a shadow buff. Good day, good day.