An Update to Battleborn is Rolling Out Next Thursday, 10/13

An update for Battleborn is rolling out next Thursday (10/13) on all platforms. This update includes various balance changes, bug fixes, performance improvements, and quality of life improvements. The full notes for all platforms can be found here:

Battleborn October Update Notes - PC
Battleborn October Update Notes - PS4
Battleborn October Update Notes - Xbox One

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They just killed Ghalt and Boldur, my 2 favourite characters. Also, nothing said about fixing Miko healing beam delay after “reloading” kunais… That’s great.

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On the Ghalt changes, I’m thrilled. I love playing Ghalt but I always feel a little guilty when I do. Losing the stun will require a little bit of a rethink, but compensating for it with the increase in his basic attack damage should prove interesting.


A lot of these changes just seem bizarre to me.

Buffing Galilea, totally overhauling Boldur, destroying El Dragon, NO speed buff on Deande, neutering Ghalt, NO Kleese nerfs, etc.

It’s rare that I understand the logic behind Gearbox’s decisions, though.


So what I get from this:
You completely killed el dragon, to the point to where he’s damn near unplayable
You buffed Galilea the cc chaining piece of sh*t that needs a rework before she gets buffs.
You destroyed ghalt by getting rid of the stun completely.
thorns ultimate will still be a ranged doom for everyone.
You didn’t nerf kleese or fix the stupid mortar exploit.
I love the game I truly do but these changes aren’t necessary and really kill these chars or put them into a spot they shouldn’t be in. And just to repeat: I’m not here to trash anything these are just my criticisms.

In conclusion: I’m excited for the new mode and story op but not too happy with the changes

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Does the Dev team hate El dragon? He’s one of the easiest Melee characters to take out and all these nerfs are gonna make him even less playable in PVE.


El dragón gets more penta kills than rath and phoebe together


Ghalt is dead, Boldur is not he got a truck load of damage for free. He’ll die more due to the massive nerfs to his DR and Bliss beast and his inability to reach 65% DR. However, Boldur is going to ■■■■ damage with his runic combo, like almost enough to kill people 1 shot.

The biggest story here is SaA is going to be epic top tier probably, and El Dragon is dead completely.


If dragon ripped your entire team that’s on your team for sticking close together. El dragon is the glass cannon of the melees and with this patch he’s gonna be all glass,no cannon


Agreed about Ghalt, El Dragon and Shayne. Ghalt is dead and useless now.

Boldur is getting a buff on his damage (specially Boldurdash) and that’s… unnecessary. Most of Boldurs use his dash to a Stun + Damage combo. And now it’s even more difficult to land a Stun because enemies don’t colide with each other anymore. Also, his early game still will be even more crap because of the stun nerf.

That’s sad.

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IMO, I think Boldur will still be fine, but maybe just SLIGHTLY less immortal in certain hands.

Ghalt…I wish they reduced the stun to 1 second instead of a slow. The lack of stun is really going to hurt him, but I guess that’s why he got the shotgun damage increase. That’s one I’m going to be looking into to trying to really get an idea about.

Re: Miko, I realize it’s not ideal, (and this is coming from a person that plays a lot of Miko) but just in case you (or others) are unaware, use a quick melee in between reloading Kunai and using the healing beam. It prevents the issue where you find yourself mashing the button and just can’t cast the beam. Reloading, quick melee SHOULD provide you with a one button press healing beam.


It was not my team, i know how to counter el dragón.

But is easier to stun all the team and clap all the team while fire deals dmg too.

Remember, the reason why stun time got nerfed and why galth is getting nerfed is because they dont want to screw the time to kill mechanic. El dragón has a big área of stun effect.

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Agreed. IMO the game is actually very well balanced. The only exception is Kelvin, that is really weak.

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Hi aoe stun wouldn’t hit your entire team unless you guys were very close together, nerfing the stun I would’ve accepted but they gutted him in every regard. You can’t tell me dragon will be able to do much at all after these nerfs

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They are reducing his damage on almost every front, reducing his health, reducing his area. No more AOE from On Fuego. He’s already easy to burst down. I’m not saying he wasn’t a bit OP but they are taking away a bit too much from him.


IMO, they have to improve more his normal attack damage (or attack speed) to balance the lost of survability. That was his importance on the matches: taking damage and being focused while surviving.

Talking about Ghalt, they will kill the fun about playing him. 2 seconds slow is nothing and ALMOST EVERY CHARACTER will instantly use a skill to get the hell out of the situation of being pulled by Ghalt. ://

I play Miko a lot. Actually, he was my first character to “Master”. The way I realize to avoid this healing beam bug is getting used to always start to heal before reloading, after throwing 4 or 5 kunais. I’ll try your quick meele tip, thanks bro! :slight_smile:

He won’t. I would have been happy with nothing else but a clap nerf. I feel that even the nerf to that wasn’t enough. I’ve seen Dragons use nothing but clap and en Fuego skills in matches because of how strong it is/was. Don’t even get me started on the fact that it crit…

That health nerf though…that was truly uncalled for. The ONLY reason I could think they thought that might be appropriate is because of his clothesline escape survivability, but that in itself would be a false stat as his health drops SO fast and it has to be used an escape until level 5.


They kind of did, especially with that bleed, and rune steength. Honestly, I can’t argue with you though as I rarely played him. I only played against many that were nigh invincible and were without a doubt carrying the team.

I used him quite a bit in PVE and would often have top damage, so I really just don’t know. I do realize though that PVE and PVP numbers are two entirely different beasts.

Completely agree, tossing a silence on the slow as well could help in that regard, but I’d still prefer to just see a 1 second stun over. Both of those. They reverted Kelvin’s stun back to 2 seconds, so we can hope!

I’ve never tried casting the heal before reloading. I’ll give it a shot! Thanks for the tip.

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Gah im with you guys, i think is a hard nerf but i see why he got nerfed.

Just play el dragón to get enough data and get fixed.