An Update to Battleborn is Rolling Out Next Thursday, 10/13

Damage and health
I can’t remember when but this was answered some time ago

I wouldnt be so worried about ghalt, if his slow will be like tobys slow then you have nothing to worry about. Ghalt is also getting his attack damage buffed, I honestly think itll be okay.

Anything else you do to Boldur i should know about? :3

If it was answered, it was definitely not here on the forums (I don’t do Reddit or w.e).

Also, I still would like an answer to my main question from any of the devs.

I hope not. I’ve been cheering for the cendiary nerf as soon as I saw how much it was

I made a bug report about this since the game came out.

If they haven’t fixed it by now, they’re not going to. :sob:

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Interesting points throughout that entire paragraph. And procc just refers to activating something. For exmaple, hitting 20% health with Ambra will procc Flame Shield. Kinda just means the action taken to produce an effect, if that makes sense.

AI is scaling up next patch. AI will increase health and damage every 2 minutes. With reduced AoE output from characters and AI scaling one character will no longer clear a wave instantly unless they’re specialized for it.
It was part of a talk Mentalmars had with Grant.
No clue about Biggie Smalls though

I posted this on a different thread last night, but has anyone else considered how boss Kelvin is going to be at late game wane clear with the whole chomp instakills minions thing?

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Depends on how strong they ultimately get but it’s still a damn good point

I’m thinking a cool down reduction (firmware or chronokey) build might be an interesting direction for Kelvin.

5-seconds is too long to wait? Health and skill damage are a better use of gear for Kelvin than cooldown. His chomp can get to high lvls pretty fast using that tactic.

Also, unless it’s something they overlooked during the development stage of increasing minions, I doubt he’ll be able to 1-shot them all the way through.

Then again, maybe the reason they didn’t give him the necessary love during this last update is because they are now expecting him to shine 1-shoting otherwise tough minions.

We’ll just have to wait and see.


As minion health climbs, if the instakills factors damage dealt, we may see the ability to literally chain chomp with chronokey


If we are talking about Kelvin and the minion buffs. I wonder if the health bonus off wave minions will scale as well…

Probably not but I can dream.

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Chomp damage hits a hard cap at 500 damage. Cooldown is the only way to maximize output at that point

With Firware the shorter your average cooldown the more the gear shines.
With Orendi’s skill spamming that’s part of why it’s so great on her.
2 seconds off of 5 is huge

You haven’t played as him post nerf yet…

Look above…

Yes they do, that’s why he’s in the game.


I play as Oscar Mike 95% of the time and personally I’m fine with the nerf as long as it makes others happy. I won’t stop playing him at all.

I’ll still blast every Thrall and Varelsi in my way with my Fury potatoes!

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Yes, chomp caps at 500, but the skill also directly said it kills minions instantly

Did you look at the patch notes!? They nerfed his health and every aspect of his damage. If that’s not completely butchering dragon I don’t know what is