An Update to Battleborn is Rolling Out on PC Today, June 5th 2017

An update for Battleborn will be rolling out on all platforms today, Monday June 5th. This update includes character balance changes, various bug fixes, and more. Full notes can be found on our Knowledge Base.

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Shouldn’t I be able to play by now? I’m getting a " Failed to authenticate player with Battleborn server" message and then told the servers are undergoing temporary maintenance. Not complaining at all just curious?

We’ve amended yesterday’s update notes with notes regarding Battleborn Free Trial.

Have I understood this correctly - F2P players can’t farm gear in PvE?

If so, I really, really hope you guys reconsider - at the moment you are selling loot packs for credits and premium currency. Meaning paying customers can easily get loot in pve or buy loot packs with real money while f2p players will have to grind credits through pvp for everything. Characters, bank pages, loadouts, loot packs; getting credits for all of this takes a lot of grinding.

I understand you need money, you need sales. But I am very afraid of what peoples response to this will be.

Nice update, balancing, fixes and cosmertics, lovable stuff
…now how do I get rid of this flairs?

BTW If i may suggest something.
The best and most intuitive solution to exhibiting marketplace in the main menu would be to integrate the button into credit/platinum stats. It’s like:
just click ypur assets to spend them.
Just a thought.

That’s pretty much how the f2p model works, Rel. You can either pay money to “buy” the game or spend your time grinding for in-game credits to buy what you want instead.

Problem here is that gear does give you a small advantage. I’m afraid of people finding that pay to win since paying customers can get gear so much easier. Paladins has the same problem currently with their Lootbox/Loadout Card system.

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A small advantage, yes, but everything you can grind for in PVE can be bought in loot boxes. You have to remember that this game isn’t exactly f2p, it’s a free trial, which means GBX wants you to buy the full game as well as spend money in their store for cosmetic items.

If they truly are going to go with a f2p model, I hope they make the PVP side f2p and split the PVE side into its own entity with a discounted price tag (say $20 USD for everything); which is essentially what they’ve done, but it’s still not entirely f2p. I think the ■■■■■■■ pricing situation is fine the way it is because we’re not bombarded with microtransactions or the need to grind in-game currency just to be able to play.

Yes, I know this.

I’m just very skeptical of how uh… receptive(?) free to play players can be.

So far there have been more players on the PC version than there have been since the Humble Bundle sale. Whether or not they’ll stick around is a different story.


If the numbers don’t drop for a month I’ll call it a win

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