An Update to Battleborn is Rolling Out This Thursday (1/19/17)

An update for Battleborn is rolling out this Thursday on all platforms. This is the highly anticipated Winter Update and includes myriad changes to the game including general improvements, character adjustments, and much, much more! The full notes for all platforms can be found here:

Battleborn Winter Update Notes

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I am looking forward to playing with this (not to mention the different frame rate options).

YES! Also looking at the Calderius changes and looking forward to testing those out.

Ooh… Wonder how many folks are going to get a nasty surprise because they don’t read patch notes? Could be interesting!


This is really appreciated, but what about games already played? Given that the individual missions stats show all the relevant information (if still available in your match history), is there any kind of retroactive fix? @Jythri? @JoeKGBX? Same question for the TFR story ops.

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Love it. Haven’t even read the notes yet

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Winter update sounds amazing. So much is included that I forgot about or didn’t know was actually being implemented.

So stoked.

There’s some seriously crazy legendary gear buffs in here and very little nerfs. Good to see some of these getting some teeth back, but a few might have gotten a bit out of hand. Firmware Update and Blissbeast Skullplate in particular have become auto-take for even more characters than before.


Can’t wait for this to be installed. It was the sole reasons I havent jumpe into the game yet.

I have incredibly mixed feelings about all the legendary buffs. I am nervous that it’s almost required to now bring one to a pvp match. I really like my all common loadouts…



New royalty:
Bola’s (mandatory)
Firmware Update


Main Quests & Daily Quests

…That part of the update is genius. :sunny:


VoZF definitely took a hit but I think it is still going to be the go-to Attack Speed legendary. Most characters have a skill they blow when engaging anyways, and in this way there’s no ramp-up required in case they do die.

So mostly sidewards, slightly downhill incline here, not enough to oust it.

And yea can’t believe I forgot to mention Bola’s.


Y tho?

Also, Cadence is laaaaaame. Like the name though. Love everything else. So many fixes. So many. The AMA answered any lingering questions. So many thanks to your amazing team

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Do you mean why do I think this, or you’re sad that it happened?

Oh my god they didn’t touch mellka

Yes, why do you think this.

30% chance of a 4 second cooldown means roughly every Orendi cycle is a 12 second total reduction. That’s gonna be amazing


Dude, don’t talk like that… Orendi will find you :frowning:
She’s got eyes everywhere, man. Like on her hands! :anguished:

No but seriously, she will be crazy powerful, and we will all be forced to show her our guts. And not the kind from beer :fearful:


I mean, yes it sounds really good on paper, but 30 percent…still doesn’t seem enough to warrant a place in a load out, but thanks for sharing your thoughts.

I am sure it would work a little bit better for characters with short cool downs, like orendi, so I can see why you are excited about it.

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So no Dreadwind buff, sorely disappointed…

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