An Update to Battleborn is Rolling Out Thursday, July 21st 2016

The next big update to Battleborn will begin rolling out this Thursday, July 21st 2016! This update includes new features including in-game reporting, Broadcaster Tools, new competitive multiplayer maps, numerous character balance adjustments, minor fixes, and more. Full notes can be found on our knowledge base (link below).

PC Notes
PS4 Notes
Xbox One Notes

As always, for support with Battleborn or SHiFT, please contact our support team via our support site.


Wow! It’s going to take a while to digest all that information. I particularly appreciate the UI fixes though!

Edit: @JoeKGBX - might want to edit the title! July 24th is Sunday. The XB1 Patch notes also states that the update comes into effect July 20th (Wednesday). Apparently, no-one at Gearbox can get a date, right?! :stuck_out_tongue:


WOW! These are great! Just one question though @JoeKGBX I might have missed it in the patch notes but will the Miko tier two skin be added to the marketplace in the update?

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WOW! This update is huge - took me about 15 minutes reading it and I have mostly skipped the gear part :smiley:
Great work!

You don’t have a snake with some sneakers lying around somewhere?
I have a very adorable penguin and I know how to use him (I think), so give me the snake!
Snake, Snake, Snaaaaaaaaaaaaake!
So get the snake out of the plane or I send you this guy:

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Wow, big changes there. As if Kleese wasn’t scary enough!

Any word on who the 5 new taunts are for?


No info on Pendles? =’(

Also will Miko’s marketplace skin be added with patch?

Random thoughts:

Reduced the maximum healing of Ambra’s level 2 Right Helix Augment, Solar Burst from 280 to 133
Reduced the maximum damage of Ambra’s level 2 Mutation, Soothing Sunlightaugment from 280 to 133

These two are backward. Burst does damage, Soothing is healing.

Increased the damage of Rocket Launcherby 15% (184 to 211 at Level 1)

Wow, that’s a surprise. Benedict needs more damage? No response for that.

Reduced the maximum number of projectiles spawned by Galilea’s level 3 Right Helix Augment, It’s Dangerous to Go Alonefrom 5 to 3

Love it. Tones down damage and corruption building without removing the uniqueness. Still very strong, I would think.

Barrier gives Ghalt +240 Shield Strength and +105 Shield Recharge per Second

Really anxious to give the G-man another try now.

Increased Kleese’s base health by 88% (from 773 to 1,456 at Level 1)

Love Kleese, but think this is majorly overkill. 25% would have been welcome.

Energy Riftsno longer have player collision

Can’t decide how I feel about this one. Both plusses and minuses to it. Sure my teammates will be grateful, though.

Reduced the bonus damage of Eins, Zwei, Diefrom 50% to 25%

My problem with Marquis is that a skilled one does amazing damage with comparably minuscule risk. This isn’t going to change that in the slightest.

Reduced the duration of venomfrom 8 seconds to 4 seconds
Increased the damage of venom by 50% (12 to 18 at Level 1)

I know people are calling this a nerf, but I see it as a buff…in conjunction with wound, a considerable one. Be afraid of Mellka, very afraid.

Reduced the camera shake when using Mellka’s melee combo

Why is there no option to completely disable camera shake?

Reduced Miko’s base health by 16% (1,220 to 1,046 at Level 1)

I don’t like this trend of reducing base health of healers. I get the reasoning, but I’d rather see a different approach taken. When I play a healer, I’d prefer to micro-manage my own health by not getting into bad situations, not because the health pool is small to start with. And while this can be compensated for with gear, I’d prefer to make a less selfish choice.

Increased the bonus UPR-SL3 Tactical Rifledamage granted by Whiskey Foxtrot’s level 2 Left Helix Augment, Swiss Cheese from 15% to 25%
Increased the duration of Whiskey Foxtrot’s level 2 Left Helix Augment, Swiss Cheesefrom 4 seconds to 8 seconds

Love this.

Gear that increases maximum health will now also grant health when activated equal to the increase in maximum health
Gear Box should always close automatically if no more pieces are affordable


Energetic Refractor
The Legendary effect now heals Kleese for 10% of Shield Healing done to allies

If this means +health, then fantastic

Changed the Legendary effect of the Mag Daemon
Reloads performed while sprinting have increased Reload speed

Darn, and I just got one too. That’s coming out of my Benedict load out.

The Pacifier
Changed the secondary stat from Shield Penetration to Maximum Shield Capacity

Already was max shield capacity. Hope that wasn’t changed

Voxis Core


Fixed an issue that allowed unintended audio to play during character select

Hope this is referring to taunts starting to play right at the end.

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@JoeKGBX: A few question about the Attikus changes: Was the sprint while charging charged hook implemented? Also, to what degree was pounce damage increased? It says 33% but the values in the parentheses (75 to 141) is a ~85-90% increase.

My thoughts on Patch notes:

Pinging works consistently again!!! I’m so excited! Ambra changes, whiskey buffs, Mike tweaks, challenge improvements! All of it is very good. I’m very excited about the whole thing. Except…


  • Solar Burst (Already under used)
  • Soothing Sunlight (Already under used)


  • Spike now applies wound to venom covered foes, what does this mean for Parting Gift?

Vyn's Quiver:

  • I’m not sure how I feel about this change.


Must be present at the end of a game to receive rewards:

  • What about people who play an entire story mission and disconnect at the last moment for any reason. Are they completely shafted from all loot?

Remember, Pendles is a sneky snek in snekers. Maybe he will snek his way into the patch unnoticed and it will be all, “Surprise! Sneks everywhere!” And then Gearbox will be praised.

If this wasn’t your plan Gearbox, you are welcome to take it and claim it as your own.


Great changes!! minor request, could you guys add a FOV slider for ps4 i know alot of people who would love that.

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@JoeKGBX can you explain what the functionality and results of the report function will be?


Amazing update. The amount of work and care you guys (Gearbox) are putting into this game really shines through. I am already your fanboi if I’m honest, but if I had not been, after this I would be.

Seriously. You guys rock. Keep doing what you’re doing. Thank you, and see you on Solus!


Great googly-moogly, that is a BIG patch!

The Lore changes are excellent, especially the PvP focused ones. 50 airborne player kills seemed pretty daunting for Benny, 10 First Bloods for Ghalt and 10 double-kills with Toby’s ultimate, especially for players who prefer PvE. I am guessing changes will be retroactive? I think I already have a Toby double-kill, will Killing On Rails automatically go to completed?

I have to say I’m a fan of pretty much every single one of the balance changes.

Alani gets some damage back, Ambra will be given all new life, it seems, Whiskey too. Rath’s Dreadwind cooldown increase will prevent him from going on quite so lethal of killing sprees.

I am sad my Vyn’s Quiver no longer slows, but now it’s not redundant with Mini-Singularity Launcher. Kind of excited, actually, I bet Vyn’s will be nice for healing guys like OM and Marquis. I am guessing it’s “more bullets in mag = more health regen,” so I expect firing a round or two then reloading will be sort of a new skill to spam with that particular legendary. Will the Alamo-7 get a similar visual display to the Burning Sunset? Or was the text meant to refer to the Alamo-7?

Added an invulnerability shield visual effect when players become invulnerable

This seems to apply more descriptively to the Alamo-7’s 2 seconds of invulnerability, rather than the Burning Sunset’s once every 30 seconds Skill damage cancel.

Way to go GBX! I expect most everyone but diehard haters will approve. The changes seem to be much more about buffs than nerfs, and many of the most daunting Lore challenges seem entirely feasible now. I don’t even hate that I grinded out 1000 laser pistol kills with Reyna, or Boldur’s 1000 rage kills.


This is just amazing!!! Hellooooo Benedict hehehe.

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Awesome! But could anyone tell me if there’s any differences between PC and console? I doubt it because it mentions PC in the console notes, but just checking.

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@JoeKGBX: Another attikus question: If you take the aftershock helix for the Hedronic Arc, does it increase the wound debuff time to 6 seconds? Also, if you take the hedronic chain helix, does the wound debuff chain to the nearby enemies?

I feel a little bit better about Toby’s ult now, taking some much needed PTO this week to enjoy a 5 day weekend of embracing my inner couch potato and grind out the last few CR for my rogues! fingers crossed for Pendles Thursday!!

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Keep in mind folks that there is still a battleplan Thursday and there could be not downloaded content changes as well. Something I just realized

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