An Update to Battleborn is Rolling Out Thursday, October 19th, 2017

So the most skilful part of Thorn (hitting arrows) got nerfed hard? God damn it


So this will be the third time I’ve metioned this. The other two times prior to the fall update and was anticipating that the issues would finally be addressed, They haven’t been.
When entering VS private matches versus maps classic is the only one that gives you the option to fill bots. I have asked Before to please include the option to fill bots specifically supercharge as private is the only way me and my buddy can play and filling the team would help tremendously in enjoying the game experience. Please look into this as I’m sure this is something small that has been overlooked.

I hate to say it, but the ship’s sailed at this point. This was the last update

So I’m sure it’s been addressed but there are way too many reply and I’m lazy and it’s late - what us the Bolder Bot thing about…does this concern “The Experiemnt” he’s in?

No, it’s concerning the fact that AI Boldur doesn’t actually fight or take aggressive moves other than building turrets in Bots Battle.

Edit: And by all accounts (including first-hand observation), he still doesn’t.

@Nemosis327 I TOLD you Deande’s Magnus Pack skin makes her look like a McDonald’s Manager who’s been working there for 15 years and just got off shift. Soon as I saw it.

  1. Go to Gamestop
  2. Get your 2-5 dollars back
  3. Go get a pizza

I still like it.

My thoughts (I am reading through as I post this)

  1. Borderlands Skins: I personally never really enjoyed Borderlands, so while these don’t really matter too much in my mind, their ridiculous platinum cost is either A) Money grab B) Money Grab to play on people’s nostalgia. Either way, ■■■■ way to treat a rather loyal fanbase and I’m a Mass Effect Fanboy for life, after Andromeda I know what that feels like.

  2. 2 Sets of Color Skins: I want my Benedict skins.

  3. New Taunts: I might get Shayne’s if I like it enough. But I doubt I will get any of them.

  4. Title Updates: Because this was the part of the patch the people were begging for. This is what I mean by blatantly uncaring nature of the team vs the players with this game.

  5. Finishers: Probably something derived from microtransactions, not buying. Stop trying to rob me

  6. Skill damage changes: If I knew what this meant I would talk about it, but I don’t so I won’t. I will ask the people who I play with who are good with numbers to explain this in dumb person later.

  7. Outcast Thrall changes: Apparently their guns needed to do 50% more damage? And those grenades already have a penchant for flinging characters across the damn map, why make them bigger? And they benefit from the timed minion buff if I am correct, if not then oh well my bad.

  8. Character Bugs: I guess fixing some is better than fixing none? Oh well at least I can finally play Shayne again. @Nemosis327 our combo lives again!!!

  9. Gear: Couldn’t just admit that Bolas was a mistake and should be purged could you Gearbox? SIGH

  10. Effects: Thank goodness flair doesn’t turn black when I teleport anymore, I was getting real salty about that.

  11. Writing: Grammar is more important than game/character breaking bugs guys.

  12. Fund Borderlands 3? We won’t muck that one up, we promise guys. 3rd times the charm. Seriously though…buy something from our shiny marketplace

  13. Bots: Boulder LIVES!!! (imagine that in Boulder’s screaming voice)

  14. Maps: So Echelon will remain cheeseland?

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I’m still waiting on my Happy Meal >:I

Request: could someone create a thread putting together all of the number changes? People post in the comments their findings, someone tests it and the thread creator puts in the OP? I could do it but if someone more active would rather be the OP go for it :blush:


Alright, i admit it…

Toby’s new taunt is f*cking amazing

Now… Who wants to make a gif of it for me?


I’ll get there, eventually… With horribly bad special effects, because reasons…


You’re beautiful people.


So the silver (or maybe bronze) lining to the new colour swaps being in the Magnus packs is that they seem to have much higher drop rate. I bought 3 packs and 2 of them had the skins.

Man was this thread painful to read.

Shame that they left so many things which they said would be in the Final Update… out of the Fall Update.

I see clearly one batch of things that they stuck to their guns with for this update - they got all of the microtransactions in (all of them).

Just shows how desperate the situation became in the end for the team…positive that the devs are not happy how this ended. But that’s the video game industry.

Shame whats happened to Gigantic and Lawbreakers too.


Comes with a free burst dash

So I caved in and bought more Magnus Packs…got a skin for literally everyone BUT Kelvin. I’m heart broken.

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And now I’m sad that I missed it, because I almost couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore when my download finished. :frowning:

no szechuan sauce!?