An Update to Battleborn is Rolling Out Thursday, October 19th, 2017

They removed the buffs to “the effects imparted by Phasegate” at R8. It’s now a flat damae increase.

Well for what it’s worth I’m employing a tenique Phoenix taught me called not spending money. So far so good.

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No idea on the damage adjustments, but her level 8 right helix got changed from increased effects of phasegate to increased damage, so a fairly nasty nerf sadly :frowning:

Damn you @SirWalrusCrow :joy:

I’ll sadly probably go back to playing battleborn for like a month at most and then stop because, idk, I’m not trying to sound selfish but it’s not enough to keep me. I miss the feeling of reading the forums like when they released Alani. It was such a good feel and I want it back. I want the community back. :persevere:


I’ll keep alternating in and out of BB as long as I have stuff left to do. When it all comes together, it really is a fun game. No idea how the update will affect that view yet - download on XB1 was painfully slow, so I left it to itself and went upstairs to read a book. Hopefully it’s finished by the time I get home tonight!

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Omg the skins are in magnus packs…
I’m very disappointed :pensive:

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The way they describe it in the patch-notes, it sounds like this may have been the case previously and that it was just written incorrectly.

Wondering if anyone has any firsthand data.

Someone else may need to verify, but the helix used to double the duration of the slow field :confused:

And also increase the duation of the movement speed buff by 200% (3s. -> 9s.).

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Sounds like Battleborn alright.

nope, i actually just stated his general play style with every character-its literally how he plays everyone, and this isnt a newsflash-so i dont know what ur defending here

smart girl that phenix

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Did Oscar mike receive a Nerf to his damage?

Then you didn’t see our Meltdown game where he consistently went into lane and tried to stop it from going in as Shayne & Aurox.

A fellow member of the community who enjoys this game as much as the next player. No reason to attack him for doing nothing wrong here.


Oh, if only I could like a post multiple times…


Okay folks, that’s more than enough of the personal comments and anguish over different perspectives.

Best to not talk about other forum users. Thanks.

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Please, go and read those rules now.

Please specifically note that being annoyed doesn’t mean you get to ignore the rules.


Also, question to anyone who has played enough; Apparently there was supposed to be Map fixes/optimization or something? It was one of the major points at the last PAX when talking about the patch, so, has anybody noticed which map(s) were optimized and how?

I spent all day yesterday downloading the patch with my sub-par internet, so I haven’t had time to explore much. Don’t remember if it was mentioned in the patch notes either.

From the patch notes:

  • Tank Yankers: Fixed an issue where players could get stuck on collision below the intended playable space
  • Horizon (Supercharge): Fixed an exploit where players could safely sit in their base and damage enemy players

I don’t play both nearly enough (haven’t found a single game in Supercharge), so I didn’t even notice issues.

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