An Update to Battleborn is Rolling Out Thursday, October 19th, 2017


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Why oh why did you post this today?! Now I won’t sleep or eat until the update tomorrow. :wink:

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Excited for more skins and it´s nice to see some minor things cleaned up.

Best thing: Fetch is fixed :heart:

But I´m a bit bugged they did´nt seem to have fixed Orendi´s Ult in this update…not only that the callout bugs often, but also it does no damage at times. Was it adressed in a Hotfix I missed? It would be amazing if it could be looked at, I avoided Orendi for some time because of it -.-


Who needs Paradigm Shift when you got Nhilism? :wink:


I’m confused about the skill changes. Has anyone done any testing to see how numbers have been affected?

And I’ll just run mine over with my car.

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Let’s try for inventiveness, come on! At least use a sledgehammer and several gallons of petrol!


Uh… I don’t feel like making a new account on Gearbox Support just to see the changes, so can someone share the balance details here?

It doesn’t sound like there are a lot of them…

I’ve got thermite. Just sayin.


I gotcha.

Patch Notes

October 18, 2017

Fall Update


Borderlands Skins:

Maya - Impending Storm
Maliwan - J-HTX-M1 "Katagawa"
El Dragón
Psycho Bandit - Bicicleta de Carne
CL4P-TRP - I’m Actually Quite Depressed! \o/
Zer0 - Art of Deception
Color Skins:

Added two new sets of 30 colorization skins

Ambra - Eccentric Orbits
Attikus - Lights Out
Beatrix - Parts and Crafts
Galilea - Keep on Giving
Kelvin - Glacial Movement
Kid Ultra - * Actual Drop Rate May Vary
Oscar Mike - Psychological Warfare
Shayne & Aurox - Rock Opera
Thorn - Green Energy
Toby - Overload

Updated existing titles
Admiral - Play as a Peacekeeper Battleborn 250 times
Angel - Assist in killing 500 Battleborn
Angel of Death - Kill 10,000 Battleborn
Archon - Play as an Eldrid Battleborn 250 times
Battleborn - You are a true Battleborn
Deep Diver - Deeper into the depths you go!
Destroyer - Win 50 Versus Matches
Fours Sensitive - Get 25 Quad Kills in Versus
High Commander - Win as a Peacekeeper Battleborn 100 times
I Believe… - The legend of Deep Dive lives on!
Legend - Win as a Rogue Battleborn 100 times
Master of Minions - Kill 1,000 Blade Bots, Gun Bots, or Boom Bots
Nut Buster - Kill 5,000 Minion Robotics enemies
Obliterator - Win 250 Versus matches
Observer - Win as an Eldrid Battleborn 100 times
Old Man Cranky - Win a Capture match by 1,000 points
Pentastrike - Get a Pentakill in Versus
Sustained - Win as a Jennerit Battleborn 100 times
Technocrat - Play as an LLC Battleborn 250 times
Three Sum - Get 25 Triple Kills in Versus
Tradelord - Win as an LLC Battleborn 100 times
Valkyrie - Play as a Rogue Battleborn 250 times
Worthy of Song - In a single match, kill 25 Battleborn
Updated colors of the Lost Hero title

Added four new Finishers
Sugar Rush Finisher
Show your sweeter side by raining candy on KO’d enemy players!
Garbage Dump Finisher
Take out the trash and drop garbage on KO’d enemy players!
Gray Skies Finisher
Ruin the day with a cloud of sadness when you KO enemy players!
Darkening Finisher
Turn out the lights with a Varelsi portal when you KO enemy players!

Updated Skill Damage growth formulas to be percentage based.
Prior to these changes, low damage skills became relatively more powerful as players leveled up when compared to high damage skills and attacks. These changes are intended to normalize those relationships so that as players level up, strength relationships are preserved. This should eliminate some esoteric power dynamics as players level and allow augments and mutations to be the source of power spikes as well as early/mid/late-game differences in character strength. This effort also resulted in a number of bug fixes for skills that scaled incorrectly.

Outcast Thrall

Outcast Thrall in Incursion have a new, updated look
Outcast Thrall Brutes
Gun damage increased by 50%
Increased experience granted to the team for killing Middle Thrall from 52 to 98
Middle Thralls now take 150% damage when critically hit rather than 300%
Made targeting priority adjustments
Grenade now deals 150-200 damage to players
Increased grenade damage radius by 50%
Increased grenade projectile speed
Outcast Thrall Brutes are less effective against Sentries.
Bug Fixes


Beatrix: The duration of Patient Zero will reset if it is reapplied while active
Boldur: Fixed an issue that caused the DoT component of Rune Power: Boldurdash to grow more than intended with player level
Caldarius: Fixed an issue that caused lights spawned by Caldarius’ skills to persist in the world
Ernest: Level 10 Right Helix Augment Watch Your Step no longer gives an additional permanent damage increase after selecting the augment
Ernest: Increased the duration of the damage buff from Level 10 Right Helix Augment Watch Your Step to last the entire duration of Mine Grid
Galilea: Fixed an issue that caused Abyssal Form’s damage reduction to last indefinitely
Marquis: Fixed an issue that caused zoomed shots from Bindlebane to grow more than intended with player level
Shayne & Aurox: Fixed a collision issue with Fetch
Thorn: Fixed an issue that caused Kreshek damage to grow more than intended with player level

Bola’s Target Finder: Added appropriate CC effects when Damage Amp is applied to a player


Third Person Helix effects are now removed from the world if a player leaves while their Helix is open

Galilea: FIxed an issue that caused Galilea’s Corruption effects to persist after all Corruption stacks were removed
Pendles: Fixed an issue with the command ring decal for Miasma
Rath: Level 9 Left Helix Augment Softened Target effects now appear correctly
Gear Flair

Removed visible texture seams on Speaker Ear Flair
Removed extraneous FX from the Nurse Hat gear flair
Gear Flair no longer turns black when teleporting back to base
Flair is not visible if activated while stealthed
Gear Flair is visible on Deande’s Holotwin
Fixed a number of character specific issues with ear gear Flair

Lowered the Dance Off Finisher effects
Added a white outline to the I Heart Finisher to help with visibility
Adjusted the color of the Something Fishy Finisher to stand out more

Incursion Tutorial: The Sentry firing FX now match those of the normal Incursion mode

Attikus: The damage value listed in the description of Hedronic Arc is now consistent with the damage dealt
El Dragón: Updated the description of Level 1 Mutation Untouchable to no longer use a negative verb to describe a beneficial effect
Galilea: Updated the description of Wraith’s Greatsword to be more consistent with the functionality
Galilea: Updated the description of Level 5 Left Helix Augment Last Light to be more consistent with the functionality
Marquis: The description of Predatory Strike no longer incorrectly indicates the Reveal CC
Kid Ultra: Fixed a grammatical error in the description of Bola Snare
Pendles: Updated the description of Level 7 Mutation Poison Blood to specify melee damage reduction
Phoebe: Updated the description of Level 8 Right Helix Augment Phase Stability to be more consistent with the functionality
Phoebe: Fixed a grammatical error in Level 7 Left Helix Augment Core Overload
Rath: Updated the stat line description of Level 2 Right Helix Augment Shield Syphon to more accurately reflect the functionality
Rath: Updated the description of Crossblades to include the target penetration functionality
Rath: Updated the description of Dreadwind to more accurately reflect the functionality
Rath: Fixed a grammatical error in the description of Level 7 Left Helix Augment Evasive Maneuvers
Rath: Fixed a grammatical error in the description of Level 7 Right Helix Augment To The Point
Reyna: The description of Priority Target no longer incorrectly indicates the Reveal CC

Fixed an issue where Broadcasters would not see players on the Versus Clash screen
Time remaining on active boosters are aligned when scrolling through multiple active boosters
Fixed an issue that prevented players from scrolling through all boosters in the Marketplace
Fixed an issue where buying loot packs in the Command Menu would reset the player’s cursor/current selection
Fixed an issue with taunt selection that caused players to load in with a different taunt than the one selected
Fixed an issue where EC was no longer awarded for obtaining duplicate skins or taunts in packs
Fixed an issue where the scroll bars would overlap when viewing Owned and Available Boosts in the Marketplace in non-16:9 aspect ratios

Boldur Bot will engage in combat

Capture: Varelsi Notification message now only states that Varelsi will be spawning soon

Made improvements to the Command Menu

Tank Yankers: Fixed an issue where players could get stuck on collision below the intended playable space
Horizon (Supercharge): Fixed an exploit where players could safely sit in their base and damage enemy players


How about bury my console in one of the many cold open fields of North Dakota and leave it to deal with the -30 degree weather over the winter.


Thank you @MereAtGBX!


Live tomorrow for testing so not yet

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Thank you. I see that Toby gets a new taunt.


Yep. No dice for Ernest, but then again, he’s got The Display - what else does a bird need?


As it stands now, they scale independently from one another.

For example, Thorn’s Blight & Toby’s Arc Mine has the same base DPS. However, they scale differently. Blight gains ~2 damage/s per level whereas Arc mines gains ~7 damage/s per level IIRC.

With this change, those values should supposedly be more similar to one another, if not the same.

This means that either;

A) Thorn will get buffed.
B) Toby will get nerfed.
C) Both of the above.

Edit; Unless they nerf or buff both I suppose, but they seem to be at the edges of the spectrum of reasonable scaling.


Is this the last update that was announced a couple of weeks ago?



When you spend the last of Battleborn’s life span looking cute with your Holotwin, just because flair now applies to her.

Welp. Since I have nothing better to do, and there’s no point in holding onto credits anymore…

-Proceeds to spend life savings on loot packs in search of tall cat ears flair-


Is this a hotfix? Or will there be another update after this? The one with the echelon map changes and meta changes?


So… Um… did we not get a fix for Poor M-Pulse? I mean I love the item but can we get like an AOE nerf? Ya think we would get more balance in a final update…


Aaand queue Benny or Garrus saying “wings”, haha!

No. I object.