An Update to Battleborn is Rolling Out Thursday, October 19th, 2017

Ill take a poke at it. :stuck_out_tongue: id like to try it again today, since Lucfal restarted his system (neither window mode was stutter free for him) and had better performance, to see if a restart helps me.

and to @Adabiviak ill be on pc this evening and am always happy to toddle around with newbies. :slight_smile: id dont mind answering a million questions and spending hours in the menu. ive done it before with others :slight_smile:


These don’t let you carry more than three items into combat, do they? What are the extra loadouts for? I’m guessing it’s like TF2 where they don’t actually pull from your inventory, but are just a list of what you want to bring into combat, and extras just mean that you don’t have to shuffle your gear around when you want to change it?

Aww. If she’s packing one of those temporary shields and it runs out, would I get the effect while it was still active but waiting to recharge?

Ok… I may wait a while to do that. There’s a fair amount of content here for a solo player without those characters.

Ah… I have some orange thing with less stats than some other items, but it does say it comes with a hat. :cowboy_hat_face:

I may take you up on that, but I’m about to start the weekend at my girlfriend’s house, and won’t have access to Battleborn for a while. I may have a bunch of questions nonetheless. Add me on Steam (or let me know what your handle is).

I think it’s time the advice got moved to a new thread, please

I have the video…

I’m ashamed.


“Boldur Bot will engage in combat”

at least the new micro transactions are working fine.


So, @AncientBelgareth and i just ran an anti-gravity Toby Vs. Thorn 1v1, to see who’s character got nerfed the worst…

It turns out that touching the height ceiling in Gravity Rumble will now kill you instantly…

We were not happy…


Thanks for all those awesome fixes gearbox. So glad you decided to make it so people die when they hit a certain height. Glad that you made it so people couldn’t abuse reaching that height, cause it was a serious problem that really needed fixing. That and the micro-transactions. We totally needed more of those. Very good update you gave us loyal fans that decided to have faith in you, and stick it out until the end.

We are all so happy with this plethora of amazing balance changes. The ones that are supposed to help go away from the current stun meta.

Also so happy that someone took the time to extensively tell us exactly what the update changed on all the characters in the patch notes.

I loved the part that informed us how Thorn does 22% less damage with her main attack. Because that is defiantly what everyone that actually plays the game wanted done. But her ult is still in a perfectly good spot, as we all know it’s so hard to use. You are so good at balancing things.

Can’t wait to hear what else was amazingly balanced with all the other characters. From the people that actually play the game. Cause going through character damage and comparing them to pre update is what we all wanted to do with our time. It’s so much more exciting to find out how a character was gutted, (oops I meant to say balanced,) by hearing it from other people that loved this game. Cause reading all the changes in the patch notes is so last gen. It’s so much better to let the playerbase figure out all that stuff.

It’s good to know you at gearbox care so much about your fans. The ones that stuck it out until the end. The ones that trusted something worthwhile would be done.

We are all so happy.


Cute. Now I’m disappointed too. Boldur bot fix was the only thing I needed from this patch.


Exactly what everyone is feeling rn (besides the few people who like the stun meta ew)

Thanks for being brave enough to say that °-°

I 100% agree, I’d stand by your word even if I were to be banned from Battleborn


Read the forum rules, folks. You have a voice here. If you want the devs to take your posts seriously, avoid sarcasm. Please.

i don’t know if you’re being sarcastic :rofl:, but It doesn’t bother me much. It’s just the fact that they talked about balancing all heros and from what it seems not much has changed so far besides thorn currently(kind of hit her in the wrong spot too imo), CC changes were talked about in march nothing, said boldur bot was fixed incorrect.
Orendi ultimate unfixed, unsure about beatrix wasn’t stated so i will assume no. What bugs me is on top of it they manage to cram in taunts finishers and 60 skins inside an rng pack that hardly anyone will get because their drop rates are crap and are quite costly.
Unless you are into skins so far the only good i can see from this update really is shane fetch fix and possibly the thrall changes seem interesting.

…um, BL2 and Battleborn are both predominately sarcastic.
How can we as fans of both games be so serious? :blush:

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Because this is the forum. Not the game. There are swear filters here, too, even though the language in BL is delightfully filthy.

If you genuinely want the devs to listen to your feedback, my advice is to give it in a way that they are going to want to hear.

The thrills are glitched: at times they won’t leave the spawn point and attack players after they’ve been captured.

Basically you capture them and they defend their original zone against enemy battleborn.


Well I’m definitely loving the Borderlands skins
Was able to get my hands on a code for them thanks to a friend. Makes me wish we got more of those and less Magnus pack skins. I’m not really liking the color schemes and with my bad luck in having spent at least $40 on Platinum for Magnus packs alone and only having received 3 of the red/silver skins, I’m not feeling too happy about the new skins.

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Roger that, but then this raises the question of “will they listen to critical feedback” because this whole update was essentially a rehash of the worst things they pulled in the other patch notes.

Vague patch notes-check(see “balancing damage”

Demonstrably false patch notes-check(see boldur bot image above)

Microtransactions-check! And this seems like the only area without new bugs

New Bugs?-


New server screw ups?


Hype for the update in the live stream that was false?

Well…the hyping happened on stream and then had to be retracted later so you tell me?

I’m sorry but there comes a time when sarcasm is required.

The ONLY good thing I’ve seen or heard is that the shaurox mains can play their character again. Past that this update has been a joke all around…and I don’t see folks laughing


Same here.
I’ll probably try to grind it out in PvP, but it’s the ONLY thing I wanted from this patch. :rage::rage::rage::rage::rage:

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Of course. That’s what this place is for.

Whether they will (or can) act upon the feedback is a whole other matter…


@khimerakiller In response to the betting pool we had on when the update would release. As such, I (and many others) lost. THe difference is that I wager’d playing an entire week of gaming dedicated to nothing but Battleborn.

As for the nerfs, This sucks. I love when balencing heavily favors the CC meta. I really hope that there are more, because what we where told (this would be a major balence update) and what I see, there are barely any balence changes, as if they where an after thought.

Then again, perhaps these small changes heavily shift the meta. If CC sucks, I am a happy BB player.

Oh, I didn’t partake. I only said “I win” because I made the first post.

And yeah, the one thing I looked forward to this patch for, was that Thorn was going to make it through unscathed and she was never going to be able to be touch again. But then they just had to gut her primary, and they even nerfed Blight too.

And as such, I’m going to speed level the last 10 characters I need to get to level 20, and I’m going to get the last 24 platinum I need to buy Ice Cream Rath. After that I probably won’t touch Battleborn again for at least 6 months plus.

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