An Update to Battleborn is Rolling Out Thursday, October 19th, 2017

(Darth Huggles) #431

The thrills are glitched: at times they won’t leave the spawn point and attack players after they’ve been captured.

Basically you capture them and they defend their original zone against enemy battleborn.


(Gerard HDZ) #432

Well I’m definitely loving the Borderlands skins
Was able to get my hands on a code for them thanks to a friend. Makes me wish we got more of those and less Magnus pack skins. I’m not really liking the color schemes and with my bad luck in having spent at least $40 on Platinum for Magnus packs alone and only having received 3 of the red/silver skins, I’m not feeling too happy about the new skins.

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(Gone off comms, will update this when i feel like) #433

Roger that, but then this raises the question of “will they listen to critical feedback” because this whole update was essentially a rehash of the worst things they pulled in the other patch notes.

Vague patch notes-check(see “balancing damage”

Demonstrably false patch notes-check(see boldur bot image above)

Microtransactions-check! And this seems like the only area without new bugs

New Bugs?-


New server screw ups?


Hype for the update in the live stream that was false?

Well…the hyping happened on stream and then had to be retracted later so you tell me?

I’m sorry but there comes a time when sarcasm is required.

The ONLY good thing I’ve seen or heard is that the shaurox mains can play their character again. Past that this update has been a joke all around…and I don’t see folks laughing


(Champion of the Battle Pits) #434

Same here.
I’ll probably try to grind it out in PvP, but it’s the ONLY thing I wanted from this patch. :rage::rage::rage::rage::rage:

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(Cheersploding as I type!) #435

Of course. That’s what this place is for.

Whether they will (or can) act upon the feedback is a whole other matter…


(Neb) #436

@khimerakiller In response to the betting pool we had on when the update would release. As such, I (and many others) lost. THe difference is that I wager’d playing an entire week of gaming dedicated to nothing but Battleborn.

As for the nerfs, This sucks. I love when balencing heavily favors the CC meta. I really hope that there are more, because what we where told (this would be a major balence update) and what I see, there are barely any balence changes, as if they where an after thought.

Then again, perhaps these small changes heavily shift the meta. If CC sucks, I am a happy BB player.


(Pandora's Industrial Engineer) #437

Oh, I didn’t partake. I only said “I win” because I made the first post.

And yeah, the one thing I looked forward to this patch for, was that Thorn was going to make it through unscathed and she was never going to be able to be touch again. But then they just had to gut her primary, and they even nerfed Blight too.

And as such, I’m going to speed level the last 10 characters I need to get to level 20, and I’m going to get the last 24 platinum I need to buy Ice Cream Rath. After that I probably won’t touch Battleborn again for at least 6 months plus.

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(iPayUrFrenZ on PS4) #438

In all honesty, no sarcasm involved, all I really want now is a sort of “explanation” from the Devs themselves to why the patch we got on October 19th 2017 was seemingly nothing like what we were told it would be a month or so ago at PAX?

What was the point in stating that EVERY CHARACTER would be looked at for balance changes when it would just be a blanket change for all characters that doesn’t particularly care about actual individual balance?

Why mention map fixes/optimization (even in a way that initially led people to believe we were getting a new map) when none of the maps that are played 99% of the time were fixed/optimized?

I just want to know what would possess a company to lie, or heavily fudge the truth, to the loyal fans that remain on their failed IP?(and I don’t say this in an insulting or accusative manner) Those who wouldn’t actually care about how sub-par the Patch & notes were had already left long ago. Those that cared and were holding out hope that the Devs and team would pull through, the ones that had actual faith, those are the ones that were repaid with unadulterated disappointment.

So in short @Jythri, @JoeKGBX, @MereAtGBX a simple acknowledgement of what happened and a (short) explanation as to why would be appreciated from GEARBOX.

If things are left like this and nothing more is said by GBX, I personally will probably lose some trust (a lot actually) for anything carrying the “GEARBOX” name.

Thank You.



I bought Battleborn in very large part due to my love of Borderlands and my trust of the Gearbox name. As much as I’ve loved this game as well, it has caused me to lose a lot of trust in the Gearbox brand given how many times they’ve lied to us over the course of the game’s lifespan. If this was what they meant by “balance changes to each character,” then at best it’s (unintentionally?) deceptive and at worst it’s an outright lie. I’m still waiting for balance improvements to truly alleviate the CC meta. Remember when they told us Meltdown: Finale could be reverted if it was poorly received? I’m still waiting for them to revert it to Meltdown: Classic. I’m still waiting for the “balance changes to each PVP map” (looking at you, Echelon). Still waiting on a lot of things promised that will never come.


(foo_luke) #440

The only thing that really make me sad is know that boldur will never be balanced and will be immortal for the rest of game life. :frowning:

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(Qmzn) #441

There’s the sad truth, that begs the question: Why give feedback at all, at this point? If the final patch is truly final, and the cash flow is cut off, then any feedback that seeks a change to the game seems akin to screaming at a brick wall.

(Insert your preferred “game development is a business” tirade here.)

As for me, having seen so many other game franchises come to these sad, ignoble ends, I think I have finally become desensitized. Battleborn isn’t the first, and I doubt it will be the last.

cough hack Visceral cough

… excuse me.

So If I were to say anything, it would be this:

To those at Gearbox who worked hard to make Battleborn a reality, I’m sorry things didn’t work out like you hoped they would. Thanks for giving it your best shot.


(Penguin connoisseur.) #442


Also, thank you for Toby especially! Whatever happens to Battleborn, he will live on in my heart forever… :revolving_hearts:

And possibly also as a tattoo… :smirk:


(wisecarver) #443

Just a word of something that went right. . .

Tokesys(ISIC), AsianSpy(Deande), Painkiller(Reyna), friend of mine from China and myself(Ambra) just did Helio Adv HC.

If this was an ending bash we rocked it. Well done gentlemen. :+1:


(Ckx00000) #444

Cant hit like enough and I truly couldn’t have said it better-trust me I tried, and it came out as rage dripped in sarcasm as opposed the poise and decency that you show.

We truly do deserve an explanation about being lied to/misled.



Just in hopes that they’ll do better in the future with whatever comes next. We all know that there’s great people at Gearbox and they’ve made games we all love, but there’s some pretty substantial holes in their process. I highly doubt we’ll ever see a Battleborn 2, but maybe we’ll see a spiritual successor of some sort. If or when that happens, all we can do is hope they utilize the feedback we’ve given them over time to help improve that next experience.


(wisecarver) #446

Mention about the new ISIC BL2 skin, was on a team with Tokesys wearing it.
OMG that has some hilarious claptrap sounds with it, was crackin up the entire match.


(Zen Disk) #447

It wasn’t sarcasm (except for the first word). I hadn’t much hope for this update and I was OK with the game in its current state (I don’t play PVP), Boldur bot was the only issue I regularly run into. So I read patchnotes, thought: “Well, at least they fixed Boldur bot,” and wasn’t as sad/disappointed as majority of people in this thread. Now there’s nothing positive left in this patch for me*, they didn’t fix what needed to be fixed, and nerfed what didn’t need to be nerfed.

'* - P. S. Yeah, title images are sweet.

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(The Red Bar Observer) #448

Honestly, there was never going to be a substantial final patch for the simple reason that a patch needs a dedicated team to continue working after the fact to iron out bugs (and the reliability with which BB has introduced game breaking bugs in patches is frankly embarrassing - the majority of my PVE scores were never even recorded, and I’ve lost PVP games purely based on glitches.)

To implement a final, one time patch with no subsequent oversight, they couldn’t do much more than bug fixes. Of course in classic fashion they also introduced a sweeping mechanic change and added new bugs, the kind of thing which sometimes makes me think that Gearbox ended up using Battleborn as a testing ground for new coders and interns.

This all being said, the emphasis on microtransactions in a final goodwill patch looks cynical and exploitative to the extreme… If there’s ever a patch that should feel generous to the playerbase, it’s the one pulls the plug. (Yes, the servers are still going, but any PVP game that isn’t “living” through ongoing adjustments is effectively dead.) And any talk of having the devs listen to feedback feels incongruous in light of the fact that Battleborn no longer has a dev team. I don’t expect a single person who has posted as a BB dev on this forum is still assigned to this game. Why would creative talent be employed on a project that has just had its final content released?

The patch sucked, but it was of a consistent standard with the last, what, ten months? More than being surprising, I suspect it’s just dispelled a few illusions for some.


(RedX) #449

Mod tools should be the final patch.


(Meme Crusader) #450

It’s likely both 2k and the higher ups at gearbox were sick of the battleborn team still working on battleborn so they sped up the process by having them release everything that was completed and moved them to other projects.

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