An Update to Battleborn is Rolling Out Thursday, October 19th, 2017

(wisecarver) #451

…Seems to a lot of us on Steam that Gearbox has secretly degraded the Amazon servers.
Kinda doubt they will admit it but everything is slower and the matches are timing out a lot.
I can see with the decreased player-base they would do this, but, if so, well, it’s painful.

(Ckx00000) #452

A final though. Damn you Battleborn for making me fall in love with you. Your like a lover with Bi-Polar and piss poor judgement that cheats on me that I just cant give up.

This game deserves far better. Far better.

Oops, didnt mean this in response yo Wisecarver, just a general thought.

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(Ckx00000) #453

Yeah servers on Ps4 are laggy and have trouble connecting to private stories even.

Damn it 2k, at least sell your 20$ skins before flushing her down the toilet.

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(iPayUrFrenZ on PS4) #455

Yup, PS4 servers are so bad that matches are timing out over and over then kicking everyone off.

Seems the end is truly upon us.

(PSN: SirWalrusCrow) #456

You know, when I’ve said I was going to stay ‘til the servers died, I was expecting that to be due to a lack of a playerbase. Not because the servers are literally dying.

(PSN:Santbech_2038) #457


I need the patch notes, Is your job gbx devs!!!

Is this for real the last patch? I still cant belive it, this Is like 25% of what they promised.

I as a fan and costumer i think i deserve the truth. The truth to keep my trust on Gearbox, and understand what Is going on if not for one and all mover on and dont look back

(Gone off comms, will update this when i feel like) #458

It’s a real plot twist!

(Augustus Benedict) #459

I was wondering what was going on. I have tried about 5 matches in a row and not gotten into character select screen once

(Darth Huggles) #460

I had an entire enemy team D/C on me.

After rejecting a surrender vote.

I doubt they left of their own accord.

(Augustus Benedict) #461

Maybe they were like “Awww ■■■■ it’s Darth, naww man we outta here”?

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(PSN: Peanutfluffer) #462

Game is unplayable at the moment, which is a shame as we have seen approx 50 unique players in the queues while our 6-7 games failed to start.

Poor show continues for Gearbox with the lack of communication. Such a dedicated playerbase that are hungry for more but Battleborn is an unrequited love.

(Augustus Benedict) #463

So right now, is it legit we cannot play because of poor service issues? Cause I’m like determined to get some games in, but if it isn’t ever going to work, I’d rather not bother and just go play The Last of Us or something.

(wisecarver) #464

Server timeouts are horrible on Steam today, all day so far, my friends are bailing, as if they needed another reason.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m still a fan, with a lot of friends who are, we just want it to work.

(Darth Huggles) #465

@Garrus_Sniper I am kind of an annoying person but people don’t typically understand that until they meet me IRL and then there’s a bit of running and screaming and arms flailing wildly above heads and more running… but this team was impressively intuitive to pick up on that personality quirk of mine in BB and then to leave nearly all at once. Well, four of them anyway. Their Pendles left after attempting to kill Attikus head on a few times. After several attempts the Pendles player decided he was over that match. He left after having the surrender vote declined. That’s pretty normal for a match… but the remaining four just mysteriously D/C’d after that.

(Penguin connoisseur.) #466

Maybe those players are from Bermuda… :smirk:

Sorry: Were from Bermuda. They belong to the Triangle now…

(The Title Master) #467

Just curious, has anyone actually made any of the devs aware of the server problem? @MereAtGBX

(A euclid-class anomaly) #468

Then their ping should be really low, since I’m starting to think the servers are also there.

Also @ashbweh I’d be honestly shocked if they didn’t notice the problem. There’s been a lot of complaints about it on reddit and this forum. Plus most servers keep logs of time outs/failures so someone should be noticing the pile of timeout errors by now.

(Augustus Benedict) #469

" Toby what did I tell you about bad jokes…"

(Penguin connoisseur.) #470

Dun dun DUN!

Sigh. Only crack jokes about your dead family…

(The Title Master) #471

Ah right cool! Is it PS4 only too?

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