An Update to Battleborn is Rolling Out Thursday, October 19th, 2017

(Augustus Benedict) #472

I’ve gotten into and completed 1 match out of 7
The rest Timed out and then kicked me to main menu

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(A euclid-class anomaly) #473

Afaik PS4 and steam users are reporting, it seems to be an issue with all the servers. I haven’t seen much from Xbox but I wouldn’t be surprised if they were also having issues.

(Alpha64) #474

I haven’t personally had any issues on Xbox so far, nor have I heard of any. Niether in quick match or in private matches.

(The Red Bar Observer) #475

I would credit an honest error/new netcode bug over deliberate disruption of the servers, if only because I can easily imagine a BB patch that aims to fix a Boldur bot and end up breaking everything,

(Darth Huggles) #476

Boldur truly lives up to his reputation of being annoying… but not satisfied with that legendary mark he breaks the fourth wall and kills the servers and escapes while everyone at gearbox chases him with nerf guns frantically trying to punish him for diving the servers.

(Penguin connoisseur.) #477

Eden, they broke Toby… :cry:

Dropped him on his head, and now he doesn’t know how to penguin or deal damage anymore…

Hold me…?

(Neb) #478

Don’t worry @Handsomecam, It happens to every off meta pick in this game. First Dragon, then Mell, then Shayne (due to a bug), Now Toby, Thorn, And Marquis.

At least they can’t promise a massive rework to fix Toby and never deliver it now… :smirk:

But seriously, the nerfs in Battleborn have always seemed incorrect in my opinion, and left it spiralling downwards in a steep colision course. It has seriously sucked, and even more since the forums- and the loyal playerbases here- seem neglected with every update.

I wish we could get some sort of offline mode comes soon, along with a way to mod the damage of characters ourselves (think OW custom game options), as too make the game both PLAYABLE and FUN. But for now, I think I am going to play a few hours of the patch, then uninstall BB untill it gets some much-needed, and highly anticipated, update ‘eventually’.

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(PSN = Jaden8675309 Send me a Friend Req to Team up :0) #479

Being sarcastic won’t get them to respond but unfortunately it seems that being logical and polite won’t get them to respond either.

(Augustus Benedict) #480

" My rocket launcher is still here you dumb flightless freak of nature."

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(How much time do we have?) #481

On XB1 here. Just spent a few hours on and only had the game fail to find a server after map selection once. XB1 was having major issues on Friday though.

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(iPayUrFrenZ on PS4) #482

The mods don’t like sarcasm, shrugs
I’m not naive enough to believe that getting a response from the devs is just a matter of being “polite” and eloquent. lol

I don’t expect anything. As @EdenSophia stated above, it makes complete sense that the Devs have moved on and don’t have the time to worry about their failed game when they have other projects that need their attention.

(The Red Bar Observer) #483

The way I’ve figured it, and made sense of my own chequered history here, is that the forums are intended for a) community discussion and b) communication between devs and the community. When it comes to policing the rules, b) means the mods need to be alert to talk that demeans or alienates Gearbox. And I see how this makes sense because this site is theirs, it is sensible to be civil, and the mods want to keep to a standard of professionalism in that regard.

Why tension breaks out sometimes, like in this topic, I figure is because the community often doesn’t believe that b) ever really happens. certainly BB has a very low track record for devs implementing player feedback, and their preference for data mining is on record. and it’s naturally frustrating, feeling constrained out of respect for an entity we often suspect isn’t listening and maybe can’t even talk back. After all, Gearbox has has to bend to 2K’s will on a number of things, and there are NDAs here.

So I see the challenge involved for the mods, and I’m sympathetic, even though I repeatedly forget this and discover that salt, satire and sarcasm will often get me off topic and into trouble. And this being partly a meta-commentary on modding, which I hope will be understood as on topic due to this patch discussion but which I am aware is pushing it, I’ll stop these thoughts here.

(Natsume Ryu) #484

im going to go ahead and speak for two parties here right quick - neither na ten mans nor a 5 stack queueing for bots (different parties, so at least 15 unique players on pc) could manage to get matches at all this evening. the ten mans tried in the double digits of numbers to get into a match before going to other games.

(Too Many Games) #485

Got kicked out of about 6 games, in the span of 7 minutes. So we have people playing, on PC mind you, and yet when there’s still a population around on the worst platform you have the servers implode.

God, does your timing always suck at the worst possible time!

Two things can be true at once: this update’s primary purpose is on cash grabbing and cash grabbing on a game that will no longer work soon. Good luck trying to sell precious microtransactions as the servers are actively collapsing on itself. At this point, the microtransactions must be working out really well for everyone.

(Ozcomingfroo) #486

why didn’t I think of that !

(Shian) #487

Didn’t see anything about Kelvin’s challenge being fixed against bots. Wanted to confirm: It’s still broken isn’t it?

(How much time do we have?) #488

Looks like it:

(Ozcomingfroo) #489

So much as for the final update… or is it ???

(Mexican Chido666) #490

I love Battleborn. :v

(The Title Master) #491

Mexican_chido666 is very good >~<